How Long Does It Take For A Bird's Wing To Heal?

we found this cardinal on the ground. We think its wing is broken. When will the wing heal? What can we do to help comfort it? and don't worry, we are being very careful with it and we are using gloves to touch it (and that is only when we need to).
Contact your nearest wildlife rehabilitation center ! Depending on the type of break it can often be treated and the faster the better! Not to mention having a broken wing hurts quite a bit so I'm sure the bird would appreciate pain killers. For now place it in a cardboard box(avoid cages they'll wreak havoc on the feathers), keep it covered and avoid peeking inside as this will only stress the bird further. You can offer some food, in this case seeds will do for now since its a cardinal but it probably won't eat since it's in a great deal of pain. If you aren't sure where the closest wildlife rehab center is try contacting your local vet/ animal shelter and ask or take a look at this site . By all means get it to a center ASAP you way have the best intentions for helping the bird but the longer it takes to get to a professional the less chance of survival it has, many a bird has suffered at the hands of well meaning people that want to help but don't have the proper knowledge...
try to find a local wildlife refuge , and ask them if they can care for it .. if the wing is broken , it may need to be put down. since its a wild bird , and there is all sorts of avain flu goin around (along with west nile virus) i would not touch it at all . you may want to also give a call to your local health department to find out what they reccomend .
Unfortunately, the cardinal bird's wing may never heal.

I found an adult crow one time in my yard with what appeared to be a broken wing, and I took it to a very nice vet in my area here in California. They told me that the crow's wing was broken, and would not heal, and they suggested I put the crow to sleep. It broke my heart, because I am a big bird lover. But, I didn't want it to suffer.

The best you can do is put the cardinal in a cage, and try to feed it some earthworms, and possibly a seed mix designed for wild birds. (It should say it on the package). If it's a very young bird, you may have to feed it with an eye dropper with a mix of water and possibly some tuna. If it's cold outside, cover the cage, and place a blanket inside the cage for it to sleep on. If you have any cats, by all means keep the cage away from the cats!!! Cats are very good at getting their paws inside the cage through the wire and getting to the bird. This happened to me when I was once carrying for a baby crow that had fallen from a tree. And do you know that the parents of the young crow never left my yard, while I cared for this crow and got up early in the morning to feed it with an eye dropper. The parents of the crow remained up in the tree watching over me and my plight. Unfortunately, a cat did attack the young crow in the cage through the wires, like I mentioned. I was at the market getting a can of tuna to feed it, and came back and I was devasted. I just cried. I know cats can be predators, but this was a helpless, baby bird.

I wish you the best of luck with the cardinal bird. And bless your heart for being an animal lover.
Definately take it to a wildlife refuge ASAP. Call any vet in your area, they should be able to point you in the right direction. Don't try to fix it yourself. No matter how well meant your intentions are, and I'm sure you'd really love to help the bird.but they are delicate creatures.

Don't give it food, don't give it water. It needs x-rays and possible surgery if it can be saved. It is always best to never give any animal or birds food or water before you take them to a vet.
Broken wings are tricky. You are limited to how it can be reset, if it is a young enough bird it can probably heal but the wing may be deformed and it may never be able to fly properly. Amputation or partial amputation is usually the solution.

I have over 25 birds which include parrots, parakeets, and finches, and and have been through 2 broken wings. One on my big parrot, and one on my parakeet.
I think it takes about 2-3 months or something like that but when i watch television its about 4-5 weeks
You don't need gloves because birds can't smell unless of course it protects you from being bitten. If the wing is broken, extend it until the bones are aligned. I use hard plastic that is used with many toys and products we buy. Cut the piece to size and loosely tape it so that the bones are aligned and it will heal quickly like in2-3 weeks. Offer the diet for cardinals and keep the bird warm and hydrated ( you can use fresh apple for this). Things should go well. The diet can be chopped up hard cooked egg with wild seed mix.

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