I have a wild city Pigeon that can't fly...What should i do with it???

What should i feed it?...How do i hold it in my hands?...What if it has a disease?...How do i care for it???
call the humane society. They have volunteers that will take it usually. I do. Feed it some bread, give him a bowl of water, keep in a box till they take him. You can also feed him dry oatmeal.
Get some gloves and throw it out the window. If it can't fly.natural selection.
Take it to a vet or somewhere that can take care of it. That's what I always did with ducks or any other birds I found injured.
Time for Pigeon Pie.
Call a wildlife rehabilitator or wild bird rescue in your area - and PLEASE make sure to wash your hands. Wild pigeons are some major carriers of diseases. If it can't fly, there is probably something wrong with it (Newcastle disease is forefront in my mind), so if you have pet birds of your own.. DO NOT let it anywhere near your birds.
It depends on how old it is,what is wrong with it.Unless the bird comes in contact with an open sore,or you wipe your eye or put you hand on your mouth without washing your hands first there is little chance of you cathcing a disease that it might have.If its old enough to fly,has no feathers missing and the wing looks swollen and is at an akward angle than it probably has a broken wing,so if holding try to keep pressure off the wing.If it doesnt have a broken wing hold it with its wings against its body,your thumbs should be on its back and your fingers should be around the wings and on its chest.If it for sure has a broken wing or it is too young to fly there is not much you can do for it just give it a safe home for the time being untill it can fly,take it out daily at a fenced in park and let it attempt to fly.Raw hambuger meat once or twice a day(forcefed carefully with tweezers) and if it can drink on its own just give it a bowl of water if not forcefeed it with a little dropper,if it can eat on its own give it bird seed and bird gravel if not supplement with cornstartch and water mix.If you can bring it to a vet.For housing it a big rabbit/guinea pig cage with newspaper on the ground will be fine for it.Do research,wash your hands before(so that you don't give anything to it)and after(so that you don't get a disease if it has one and you cant spread it),and keep it away from other animals.
You can possibly find someont that will help this pigeon by going to the pigeon talk website.

Also they have many people that can answer your questions.

I had a beloved pet pigeon that was originally wild but due to injury could not be re-released after her recovery.

Pigeons are fabulous birds.

Post on the pigeon talk bulletin board and see if there is someone to help.
pidgeons are like ants there are too many twist its neck till u hear a pop then toss in trash
you really need to get ahold of a wildlife rehabilitator.
here is the link:


In the mean time.. put the pigeon in a box w/ lid.. ( holes in side or top) keep him somewhere dark and quiet..
do not attemp to feed him anything. you could do more harm than good.

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