I live in Toronto. Where can I buy a cone to put on my parrot so he'll stop plucking the he** out of himself?

Just putting on a "Cone", more well known as a Collar isn't going to stop your parrot from plucking unless you plan to leave it on for the rest of his life. It's uncomfortable for the bird and cumbersome.
Here is a link to read up on plucking, written by Judy Leach. It's an excellent article and will give you some insight into what you are dealing with.


I also answered this question a while back in response to someone else who has the same issues. Here's the link:


Read the articles in the links.this might help you make some adjustments that will relieve the plucking.
There is also a product put out by King's Cages called
"Pluck No More". It is a natural remedy that seems to relieve some of the distress. It's expensive and you have to follow the directions precisely, but I have seen results from it from several birds. Here's the link:


I wish you luck.
you could try the vets or go to a pet shop.
Cones are too easy to shred. Try a sweater or T-shirt. Look here: www.drsfosterandsmith.com
They have everything for pets.
This is a common problem in caged birds with a psychological source. Birds do this when they are frustrated. They need time to be out of the cage, they need stimulation in the form of toys and human interaction, and perhaps even a bird friend for companionship.

Parrots are extremely intelligent, and like people, can adopt harmful (and annoying) behaviors due to being bored.
You need to find out why there plucking feathers.

Are you spending enough time with the bird.
Dose the bird have enough time out of it's cage
Dose the bird have toys that are changed often to keep it stimulated.
Have you taken the bird to a Avain Vet for a checkup
hello, in plan easy to understand that the bird is going bananas. I'd had this problem and reading on it , it is not uncommon for caged birds to do that. It probably feels "cooped up". You need to buy diffrent toys for your bird and change them out every month or so. it needs to be intelectually stimulated.
Why don't you focus on the problem, instead of the symptom? The bird either has bugs, or a skin condition or he is suffering from stress! Take bird to vet to rule out the first two & then try to figure out what is stressing it out.

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