Where can i buy an African grey parrot for $100 or less?

If money is an object, then an exotic bird really shouldn't be on your list at the moment.
Yoyahutch..I totally agree. Heck, I wanted a Grey as well, but found out the lifespan and didn't want to have to have the bird go through the stress of adoption when I croaked and I'm only 43. I settled on a Quaker Parrot. They are just as expensive as a Grey here (Toronto), but I figured the timing of my dirt nap was going to be just slightly behind him at 30 years. It's best for everyone concerned.
Good for you to have had the foresight to deal with the inevitable.
you cant buy a african grey for $100 or less its like $700 or more
I'd try parrot rescue centers and animal shelters in cities. They usually adopt out for a standard price. The one in Cleveland is 150 for large birds.
Good luck, paid 425. dollars for mine, that's the cheapest I have ever seen one. She was a baby, he wanted a male and was just cutting his losses. Otherwise, cheapest I've seen has been around 700. dollars.
You probably can't.. unless you can find somebody who is maybe trying to sell one privately, but then again - you'd have to think of the reasons why it's going so cheap.. is the bird's health as good as it should be? Truthfully you're probably better just saving up and buying one at the proper price from a reputable seller. At least then you'll know it's coming from a good place. :-)
you might be able to get a timneh for $300 from a breeder
or at a show, but you won't find a congo for less than $800
Check with your local PEAC.You usually get what you pay for. Cheap parrots usually come from neglect, or they're smuggled imports. Either way there's a risk of disease. Plus, my Greys alone cost about $40 in pellets and $60 in fresh food.

You get them for around $500 in Up@Six classifieds, online. The breeders there have always been really trustworthy to us.
go to petfinders.com.this is a site for rescue groups.just enter your Zip code, and be AMAZED at how many great choices you have !!.check it out.try it.do a good deed.adopt an African Grey Parrot today !.good luck to you, in your search for an African Grey Parrot as a new pet !!

I found a Quaker Parrot on there and only paid $30 for him. I also found a Rat Terrier puppy and paid only $70.
in your dreams
Why in the world would you be asking that question.

African Greys (or most pets for that matter) cost money and time. If you don't have it, you should probably wait until you do.

It takes a lot of money and time to take care of a grey. They are just like having a small child. They require fresh food, lots of veggies and fruits, toys, and a very large cage to play in. They also require a lot of attention. You need to play with them, talk to them. It's a very large time investment. Greys can live for upto 50 years.

We've gone so far as to set-up a trust in our wills to take care of Yoya when we pass. Our house will be sold and the money used to provide for him.

Please, please don't buy a Grey on a whim.

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