Can birds be possessed by demons?

I found a bird outside on the ground. I thought it was about to die so I took it inside I left the room and then came back. I found it with big red eyes and talking in tounges and 666 bruned in it's furr.
Indeed, birds quite possibly can be possessed by demons. In the Bible, Jesus cast demons into a herd of swine; so, why not a flock of birds or just one bird? As far as the bird you "found" goes-- the one with big red eyes who spoke in tongues and had the mark of the might possibly want to approach the bird when not under the influence of drugs.birds have feathers, not fur, by the way. Live well.
i would have flew the coop!
yes. counteract it with 999.
no dude i think your going crasy
Please stop using that kidn of stuff..
Well i'm sure that just about every living thing can become evil, in some kind of way. Kind of reminds me when sometimes an older dog will go crazy.
i think it;s time to start taking your meds again like yesterday..let the bird go by by .

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