Why dose my pet cockatiel keep eating my houseplants and paper?

It's normal behavior for parrots. I have to watch my conure or he'll bite holes in my books and 'trim' my hair. It would be a good idea to buy some toys that will satisfy his urge to gnaw. Clip some craft sticks to the cage, give him some cardboard cylinders/rings to shred. Keep him away from glossy magazines and colored comics/advertisements.

It's best to keep him away from houseplants. They're meant to be looked at, not eaten. Buy a head of looseleaf lettece, wash it good and hang it up in his cage. He may not like it at first since it's something new, but once he gets used to it, he'll happily chew on the lettece and 'bathe' in the wet leaves.
There is a good chance that your cockatiel has reached sexual maturity, they tend to become slightly more destructive as they mature, some patients is needed as they usually grow out of it.
It aslo maybe in breeding mode, their naturally behaviour suggests that when it comes to breeding time they tear and nibble things, in the same way they would in the wild when nesting.
Maybe it's trying to tell you that it's hungry. Try feeding it once in a while.
Some house plants are poisonous-- you might therefore want to see if any of yours are and keep them where the bird can't get into them. Also if the bird has free run of the house it's possible that he might decide to chew an electric cord at some point-- which could kill him or hurt him badly.

All domestic parrots love to shred paper and destroy things in general. I buy my parrot a new toy every so often so he can be constantly amused, and so he'll leave my other possessions alone, and I give him fresh newspaper every day so he can tear that up. Especially if you are away for part of the day, you need to make sure that the bird has plenty of toys and things to chew on. Parrots are very social animals and they really can't tolerate boredom; in fact, that's why a lot of birds start pulling their feathers out and doing weird things like that.

I hope this helps! :)
I just love people who espouse all of there supposed knowledge and never really answer the question, don't you?

My answer is that birds don't eat just bugs and seeds. All birds and animals eat some vegetation. The stereotype says this is not true, but it is and zoologists know it. The most probable reason your cockatiel is eating the house plants (notice they are separate words) is that its diet is likely deficient in something it needs. It's trying to satisfy a craving for whatever is missing. Get a variety of plants and keep them healthy and viable for the bird to graze on.

About the paper shredding, your bird just might be in need of a mate. It could be shredding the paper in preparation for nest making.
It's probably because he/she hit puberty. even though birds naturally want to chew on things, they do it alot more when they reach that age. Another thing it could be is that it's not getting enough of a certain nutrient, so by instinct he/she eats what her body is 'telling' him/her to eat. It's a little like why we have cravings, but mixed up. Definitely keep your cockatiel away from both (people already gave reasons for the plants, and paper has alot of bad chemicals in it that get in a bird's mouth even if he only tears or puts a hole in it without swallowing any). The most likely reason is that his or her beak is getting too long. Alot of birds get that and to stop it from curling so far that it gets deadly, they chew on things, kinda like how us humans sometimes file our nails or sand sharp edges on wood. You can get it done at a pet store or the veterenarian (not sure if I spelled it right). Either way, I'd definitely look it up online some more or go to a vet and ask.
Give the cockatiel fresh fruits and vegies.

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