Can you put parakeets and canaries together?

We have a parakeet already, and my mother wants to buy a canary and put it in the cage with him. The cage that the parakeet in is actually for a large bird (parrot, or cockatoo), so theres plenty of room, its just a question of, will they get along?
Parakeets (budgies) are very territorial and will more than likely kill a canary, besides, they have different nutritional needs. Keep them caged seperately, and QUARANTINE the new bird for at least 30 days prior to letting them in the same room.
I owned a parakeet when I was little... it was mean. :(

But I think the parakeet would probably kill the canary.
sorry to say but no you cant.
I had a parakeet and a canarie together and my canaie got injured(not badly) becaus eit came too close to the parakeets territory
im sorry i hope i helped!
If you're wanting to give the parakeet a companion, go with another parakeet. You must take bar spacing into consideration as well as typical aggression levels. If it's a cage meant for a larger bird, you may want to make sure the bar spacing is appropriate. It can prove very dangerous if the bird can slip it's head through and possibly get caught up in it. I've heard of that happening and them breaking their necks from panicking.
Info on small birds including cage sizes and bar spacings

As you will see, bar spacings for the smaller birds is no more than 1/2".

Most larger parrot or cockatoo cages have larger bar spacings from 5/8" up to 1" or even larger. Hope this helps :-)
Simply put, no. Your budgie will kill the canary.

The cage is also not appropriate for a budgie. If the bar spacing is too wide, your keet could get its head caught in it and kill itself trying to get free. Please go find a nice large cage meant for a bird of that size. The canary would probably just fly right out between the bars of your current cage too so you would need to get an appropriate cage for it.

Canaries are beautiful little birds (only the males sing well, though females may occasionally warble a bit) but are very flighty and messy as can be. My canaries were WAY messier than my budgies--they would make some kind of "canary concrete" out of their food and fling it everywhere. It would then harden and I would have a terrible time getting it off. LOL!

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