My cockatiel is not sitting on egg?

my cockatiel laid an egg this morning and I haven't seen her sitting on it. Is this normal or should I be worried about the egg ?

When I bought two cockatiels 2 years ago I was told that both of them was males. When I got up this morning I was surprised to see an egg in the cage lol.
First...don't listen to bull about tailbones and cheek coloring. That is not sure fire. cockatiels are pretty easy to sex as they get older though. The males usually sing, whistle, and the females do not. There may be exception to this rule a time or two but not often. so, if you have one that is very verbal and the other is not..u probably have male and female. if you have 2 really quiet ones...2 females. OR if you see 10 or more eggs...2 females. The only surefire way to tell is dna. That being said...cockatiels do not begin to incubate their eggs until they their 2nd or 3rd one. so, right now this is normal. The egg probably won't hatch on the bottom of the cage. Take a box big enough for her to stand in and sit in 12x12x12 is perfect. fill it about 1 in thick with pine shavings. And put her egg in there. Hopefully that will promote her to lay the rest in there. whateverr you do not take her eggs from her this can cause her to lay more and possibly become egg bound. make sure you have a cuddlebone because it takes alot of calcium to lay eggs. And please...research cockatiels so you don't have to come to forums like this and get misinformed.
If the bird hasn't sat on it then the egg will not make it. You might as well take it out and get rid of it.
probably gay cockatiels
Many birds don't sit on their eggs when they first start to lay. Also they do need to get up and eat/drink from time to time.

My ducks laid about an egg a day and then one started to sit when there were about 15 eggs. Four of them hatched, then the male duck killed 3 of them and I saved the last one before he could kill it. One can never tell about animals.
a cockatiel can lay eggs even when it hasn't "been" with a male. my grandma had one that would do it and brood over her eggs all of the time. it is probably good that she isn't sitting on it all sad waiting for it to hatch like my grandma's bird did. you can take the egg out if she is not interested in it.
First, if your tiels are over 6 months old and have already gone through their first molt, you can tell if they are male or female by looking at the underside of their tails. Solid indicates a male, while bands indicate female. Also, males have brighter cheek patches than females do and they are Much louder!
My female tiel never started sitting on any of her eggs until she had at least 2 in the cage. Now, have you actually seen them mating? If they are male and female, the egg will be viable if it was fertilized by the male. If it wasn't, and/or they don't sit on it, it will be just a tiny yolk and albumen inside. If they do start sitting on the egg, usually the female will sit all day long, with the male feeding her occasionally, and the male will sit all night long. If you have any other tiel questions, please feel free to email me directly.
thye usually won't lay on their eggs until they have layed 2 or 3. i wouldn't get rid of it yet.

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