How do i give my cockatiel a bath?

i have tryed many times to put it in the bath tub but all it does is fly out what can i do
let me just say i have looked at other peoples answers for your questions, ignore them. i have 7 cockateils and a cockatoo.
clog the drain to your bathtub. put your bird in the tub and spray him with luke warm water using a spray bottle. Most love a bath and only do it once every two weeks. or else your bird will get sick.
Wet him down and soap him up
Why do you want to bath a bird? Cockatiels have their own preening methods..
When you say, "my cockatiel," do you mean a real dog, or are you trying to hint at something else?
Get a bird bath attachment for its cage and it will take a bath on it's own, or you can mist with a spray bottle it while its in its cage.
Just put a little dish of water in with him he can take his own bath if not then just wet a towel and go over him with it. They know how to clean themselves...using soap and bathing them in a tub is not exactly their thing and they don't need it either. A simple wipe down would do.
Get a spray bottle and fill it with water and mist him. That's the best way.
cut him up and make him into shoes and belts and have a professonal clean them
try giving it a shower as he may not be into baths
Spray bottle. a lot of them really enjoy it anyway...and then for the next hour or how ever long it will go through all of its feathers.

we had one that liked bowls of water to play in haha..
You're can bath your cockatiel by putting him in the bathroom when you have a shower. The steam from the shower will actually wet their feathers and clean them.

Caution: Do NOT put your bird under the hot water, have him sit on your sink or something.
put a fresh bowl of water in its cage or simply mist him or her , i hose my when i clean their cages, they love it , but only light shower not full on pressure
try misting the bird with a CLEAN squirt bottle
i give my birds a bath all the time..some males may not like it their baths but my females do.they do give them-self a bath but i like to make sure they are clean so i run warm water slowly and at the same time calm them so they don't be afraid,use a little soap or shampoo wash good then towel dry them till they are dry,make sure they are dry or they can easily get sick.hope this helps!!
Well you can start by setting a finger deep bowl out with luke warm water and let the bird give itself a bath.. or you can get a spray bottle and spray it down...or you can get the sprayer from the sink hose and do it that way.. but usually presenting a bowl and letting them do it is best! Have fun!
I like using a suction cup perch and put it up in the shower when I shower. That way they can move closer to the water or more away from the water as they please. The mist from your body helps to clean them gently. You can buy the perches at most major pet stores for around 20 dollars. You can stick them to your bathroom wall when you shower and then to your mirror when you get out. When I put him on the perch on the mirror I take the hair dryer and turn it on low and gently direct the airflow toward him and let him dry. My bird loves it, he was a little apprehensive about the hair dryer a first but he is used to it now.

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