What animal sounds like they are screaming like a girl?

Lastnight i heard something that sounded like a girl screaming i looked out and didnt see anyone. Could it have been an Owl? if so what kind could it have been?
a screaming girl
Fisher Cats and they are mean mothers! They're ugly and vicious. Did it sound like a woman being murdered?
Screech owl
siamese cats, they sound just like a baby sometimes too.
Bobcats do, and eerily so!

Raccoons can sound that way also...
Could be a mountain lion if you live near that sort of terrain.
Also could've been a coyote.
I always heard panthers do that. I don't really know cause I never heard it myself.
peacock ,they sound like a woman screaming
well t heres several animals that sound like that.
screach owls sound like that...
panthers sound like that...
peacocks sound like that but I doubt it was one of those
rabbits when their being hunted by preditors and eaten sound like that...
theres more but I cant think of them right off the bat...
but me living in the woods have heard just about ever kind of night sound I can imagine.. and sometimes you THINK its a person screaming.. but it would be an animal.
Female Fox..Vixen. Vixens scream during the mating season.
was your pansy self ,afraid of the dark no doubt.
my friend and were having a sleep over and we heard an owl we thought that we were being robed and it was my sister screaming so we hid and after an hour we called my dad down stairs he said go back to sleep we realized that the window was open so it must have been a owl
coyotes.. they sound like alot of little girls screaming!
Depending on where you live, it could have been a long-eared owl. They sound like a person screaming when they are alarmed. Young long-eared owls can sound a lot like a rusty hinge.
Mountain lions (aka panthers, pumas) are known for making a sound very much like a woman or girl screaming in fear. Bobcats also may do this. Quite eerie to say the least and somewhat of a start too!
Cockatoos sound like a person screaming.
A bobcat or a panther screams and sounds like a woman screaming.
It could be a breed of parrot, such as a Macaw. The only thing is that they relax and go to sleep at night, unless they are in someone's home with the lights on.
I have an Orange Winged Amazon parrot that can sometimes scream like you wouldn't believe!
It also could have been a cat .
probably a cat in heat

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