What does a conures poop look like?

green cheek conures poop
It depends on what their eating, how healthy they are and whether or not they're sick.

A healthy conure's poop should have three parts : The white part (Urates), Urine (The liquid part) and Feces (the 'poop'). The white part should always be white and the urine should always be clear. The poop will change color according to what the bird ate. if a bird is eating a pelleted diet the poop comes out brown. if its seeds it will look dark green. Sometimes blueberries strawberries and beets will change the bird's poop weird colors. Strawberries and blueberries turn their poop red or purple. Same with Beets. Sometimes pellets with artificial colrs will turn a birds' poop into a wide rainbow of colors!

A bird's feces can also change weird colors if they're sick. Yellow urates often mean liver problems. Lime green urates can mean a bacterial infection or chlamydia. Red urine can mean there's blood in the urine or that there's a kidney problem. If anything looks abnormal and you've not fed your bird colored foods it means there's a problem and a trip to the vet is needed.

Hope that helps somewhat. Good luck!
green depending on what you give it because my bird ate some purple food and its poop was purple
I agree with the last post. It scared the hell out of me when my cockatoo pooped orange once, but yes, it should be part liquid, part white and then part feces which is usually the color of the food he ate, normally green
it should be green and white, and should not be too runny.

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