How can a bird survive without a tail?

Hi, my cat brought this bird in the house and it bit its tail off. Is there any chance of him being able to fly without one? :S
If a bird's tail feathers are pulled out, they will quickly grow back in. Many adult birds adapt quite readily to flying without their tail feathers. If the tail feathers are broken or frayed, new ones will not grow back in until the bird molts.As your cat actually bit the tail off,you should take the bird to a vet. Cats mouths are laden with bacteria,the bird may very well have/get an infection.
It would be like an airplane without a rudder.
he can survive, but he can't fly. they will grow back in time.
no, but the tail feathers should grow back with some time.
i also rescued a bird from my sis in laws cat the other day and thought i could nurse it back to health a few days until it could fly again, but it died the next day :( good luck with your bird..
They can they just wqant be able to fly correctly. The tail control thier direction.
birds cant fly without their tails. have you ever seen a bird fly over you? the tail spreads out to keep the bird balanced. if i were you i would not worry about the bird. do not try raising it yourself. it can get insects on its own. the wings will grow back. dont worry about it
One of the ways to distinguish very young fledgings from adult birds is the tailfeathers. Very young birds can fly with little or no tailfeathers. Watch how the adult birds use the tailfeathers on landing. It acts as a speedbrake.
No chance! the tail is as important as the wings! You may as well feed it to your cat. Sorry!!
Yes, it can fly without a tail. Birds molt and lose their tail feathers.not all at the same time however. Some birds do get tail feathers pulled out and can drop them when something almost catches I have see totally tailless birds who can still fly just fine (but probably have trouble maneuvering). They will grow back.
One of my cockatiels, Jeri, lost his tail. He's a bit wobbly when he flies, but he gets there. The tail feathers take such a long time to grow but will do so eventually.
Yes indeed, in fact it will grow right back in in no time. I had a little Amazon who was given to me with no legs and beak!! She was 32 years old and I got her, her family did not want her any longer because their dog bite her feet and face off and she lived. I had her for 18 years. Sadly during Katrina she passed away. All the moving was too much for her. But she was loved and happy and was wonderful, I miss her Still!!
Last year, I had a bird feeder in my backyard and I had many different species of birds visit it.
There was a turtle dove that came by the feeder and it had no tail! It was the strangest sight to behold! Although it was awkward, the dove did fly around. I don't know what happened to its tail, maybe a cat got it, or one of the hawks we have around here may have done damage. I hope this answers you question.
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