Can i take my bird for a walk with a lead?

Err.. yes and no. I regularly bring my birds out on a modified hamster leash. They're not so hot on 'walking', but they love sitting on my shoulder and watching the world go by. Especially if there's food involved ^.^ . I've done this with cockatiels, a conure and Japanese Quail. The best candidate for leashing is a social bird who isn't afraid of strange things. If your bird is skittish, I usually put the leash on them and let them scream and squeak for an hour until they forget it's on. Then I feed them treats so they know the leash isn't a bad thing. I wouldn't recommend this method with a sensitive bird such as an African Grey Parrot or a Pionus.

I do this inside for a day or two ad the I bring them outside. Make sure the leash is escape proof! I had a cockatiel who learned how to undo the clasp to his harness. Luckily I caught it before something horrid happened!

You can make your own harness by using a hamster harness and modifying it (really good for cockatiels and similar sized birds) or buying one of many bird specific products. The Feather Tether is well know and has a really good reputation.
No babe.. don't think so !
depends what size your bird is. They actually sell harnasses for some larger birds - I think cockateil and larger. check online and at the larger pet stores.

I wish I could take mine, but he's just a small budgie, so we just have him handtamed at home.
What kind of bird do you have? If it is large you can put a tether (think that is what it is called) around it's ankle.
I had a cockatiel and I kept his wings clipped and he was very tame and would travel on my shoulder outside when I was gardening. Hope this helps.
lol. not unless its an emu
are u for real? of course you can or it would fly away
sure as long as you are not drunk. you can be fined for being in control of ananimal whilst intoxicated.
I have tried to put my Sun Conure in a feather tether. He hates it and would do nothing but fight it till he could get out of it. He would lay on his side or back and dig at it. We had to wear gloves to put it on him and he could still bite me so hard through lether gloves that I would bleed. It is easyer to just clip his wings and he is very happy to just set on my sholder while we are out side. When he gets spooked he goes down in my shirt and looks out the coller.

And birds are to slow to walk and after 50 steps to you he as walked the same as walking two or three miles. Don't do it. It is not worth it and a waste of money. Unless you don't clip the wings.
You must have plenty of time on your hands..
you could but i wouldnt want to run into any dogs.
Is that the human kind?
Yes, take it for a walk in the park.
I really think so but I am not really sure but I really think U can. Maybe U should clip the wings first!
Actually, yes you can.
In a way.
There is a product called a "Feather Teather".
Please see link:

These feather teathers are recommended for use any time you take your bird outside whether it is clipped or not. One good breeze can accidentally kite your bird up into the air even if he had no intention of flying.
Once you train your bird to wear the harness, you can safely take him outside with you, and sunshine and fresh air are very good for your bird. This gives him the opportunity to be with you and to see and do something other than be inside all the time. But I don't recommend bringing your bird outside without one.
I sure wouldn't. I used to take my birds outside. Then one day my double yellow headed amazon flew away!! I hatched him in the incubator from an egg, hand fed him, and his wings were clipped. He was a year and a half old. I didn't even know that he could fly until I saw him at about 10,000 feet above ground heading west. I was heartbroken. I posted a $1,000 reward but I never got him back. I wouldn't take any of my birds outside now.

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