How do i stop my african grey from biting on electrical cords?

Is there any way that i can get some training for my parrots
Parrots are very similar to 2 year old toddlers and the word, "NO" means nothing to them, because their mind set is, "I do what I want".

Since they are like small disobedient children, as the person who has chosen to have them in the house, it's your job to protect them. Parrots need supervision when they are out of the cage and things that have the potential to harm them should be removed or placed out of the reach of their beaks. There is no training to stop a bird from chewing because to chew is their instinct.

If you are unable to provide adequate supervision for your parrot, you can run electrical wire through PVC pipe to prevent access. You should NEVER use galvanized pipe in the reach of your parrot. The galvanization process uses zinc in the manufacturing and coating of pipes. Zinc is highly toxic to any parrot and beaking it could result in a slow and painful death for your bird.
I've been through this with my parrots. Even though they got shocked it didn't stop them. I finally had to run the cords through galvanized pipes since they were able to bite through pvc pipes because they wouldn't stop biting them.

Does he have plenty of chew toys in his cage. He needs to chew.
move the cage.
Ring a bell behind its head, when caught. Or scream NO at it. Other than that, buy those cords protectors they hide the cord, keep them in a tidy.

Buy the bird its own chew toys. Like what dogs get those chew bones by Hertz or Hartz.

Keep bird lock up or get a bigger cage.

Might as well go and buy fire insurance. Your bird may toast the whole building including itself.
Keep your bird supervised at all times and away from electrical cords, until you feel comfortable letting it roam freely. You have to bird-proof your house the same way you'd do it for a baby.

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