Parakeet bites?

i bought my parakeet about a month ago and always went on my finger. now he opens his mouth and tries to jab at my finger as i approach. i read some advice about letting them bite your finger, yet i am a bit afraid and it always freaks me out. how much do parakeet bites hurt? is there a better way to tame my parakeet? im still trying to bond again with him and work with my parakeet.
Any animal on the planet has a potential to bite and leave a nasty mark, and any bite hurts thats why we call it a bite LOL. It sounds like maybe yes he is hormonal and or you stopped giving him attention with the hand, and he has gone wild again which can happen.Pretty much you have to start all over again.Once you get him tame again interact with him everyday.If he is being that aggressive when you go in the cage then try using a perch to retrieve him out first, and be firm with that step up command! Never grab him with your whole hand and never force him too much to take your finger, and never ever use a towel to capture him.He may be being territorial too. Maybe once you get him out to clean his cage rearrange his cage toys etc... give him a new cage environment it may help him to stop being territorial.Take him into a room totaly away from the cage.Work with him in quiet area if he bites do not make a peep do not scream and do not pull your hand away abruptly rock your hand gently and tell him NO.Show him who is boss.You must be flock leader.I am hand training my parrotlett and let me tell you that little budgie beak has nothing on my little guys chompers LOL Be patience be confident with him he will be purring in your hand again soon!
Parakeet bites only sting a little; they never hurt too much. He might be trying to hold onto your finger as he climbs up so he won't lose balance, r maybe he's just plain curious abut them.
That is bull crap they hurt like hell if the keet wants to bite you hard!! We took in alot rescues and I had MANY that drew blood .. You can not pull away and do not give it its way if you want it to come out an he bites do not put him back that got his way an will teach him to bite more .. Tell him NO bite he will learn bites dont get him anything an will stop ..
If he has been stepping up on your finger for a month, but has suddenly changed, then something has happened to bring on this change.

The easiest answer is that it is mating time. Birds get very hormonal at this time and can get very aggressive even to well-loved owners. If this is the problem, then you need to just let it have its space for about 4 to 6 weeks. It should calm down as its hormones subside.

As for parakeet bites, I actually had one bite me so hard that its beak went clear through the flesh of my finger !! By the way, this was during mating season, and happened after the bird dutifully stepped up on my finger ! I am happy for others who have not had this experience, but I certainly would not say that a keet "Can't hurt you" or that "it doesn't hurt much!"

If the bird has become stressed by an accident or a bad scare, it might get defensive and aggressive. If this is the case then you must win its trust by talking to it, giving treats , and showing that you are not a threat. This could take several weeks or even several months. the key is patience !!

good luck !
Hi, I have a budgie and he does the same thing. He used to sit on my finger no problem at all, now I can hardly ever get him to. Every once in awhile he goes through what I call a pecky stage, where out of the blue he will try to bite me, and sometimes succeed. It's not extremely painful, but I know just a couple of weeks ago mine bit my lip and it bled.(Just a bit). I was told to blow on him when he pecks me. I was also told he could be in mating mode and that could make him pecky. Although he won't sit on my finger much anymore, he is extremely tame in every other way, he'll sit on my shoulder for a long time, give me kisses, he talks alot, and will even lay down on my chest and nap! To get him back in the cage (If he doesn't go on his own), I get him on top of it and then get him on my finger for a bit, and kind of block his escape route with my head and arms and quickly put him back in. I usually trick him onto my finger by making chewing sounds and saying "want some", like I do when I give him a treat and he usually falls for it.LOL. Hope this helped, good luck!
I would suggest you get some wooden chopsticks or similar. Then use the "up" command as you gently place the chopstick just below the breast. The "perch" will act as a nice way for you to socialize your birdy till it's more comfy with the finger, which may be perceived as aggression from you. You can use the chopstick to transfer the bird to your shoulder, the cage, another perch, etc.
You should follow the advice of what you read, because it is true if you ignore your parakeet biting you, he will stop biting. But if you become really uncomfortable, you can wear gloves. The problem with that is he will get used to your gloves and you'll have to train him all over again to get used to your finger. Anyway, sometimes parakeets don't bite people to warn them to stay away, but because they need to grip onto peoples' fingers.

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