Do Pigeons Blow Up When You Feed Them Rice?

Ive been told that if you nurture pigeons rice they blow up.. i'm not sure wether they said cooked or normal rice.. but is it true?
Answers: No, it is NOT TRUE! Pigeons get through from the rice fields and it doesn't hurt them...the intention why one shouldn't throw rice at weddings is because, #1 It could cause the bride/groom and/or guests to slip and call upon, plus #2 It is hard to verbs up after the wedding, almost impossible to get hold of it out of the grass and #3 It attracts all kind of birds and where nearby are birds, there is bird poop. That is the point why it is banned surrounded by many places, not because it will injure our little feathered friends, it's because it attracts them and causes a form hazard from their droppings. And no, you can't blow up a Sea gull next to Alka Seltzer either. Another myth
My daughter asked me that yesterday!

Its an urban fairy story..
They blow up when you feed them semtex.
Wow I've GOT to try that! Lol banter no idea sorry :P
Its seagulls that blow up if you donate them alka seltzer.
I've been told it's biccarbonate of soda.
They blow up if you nurture them semtex
No true. That's why Venice is banning the throwing of rice during weddings because the pigeons enjoy been getting portly on them and thriving, rather than blowing up.
The rice swells contained by there stomachs and can take out them, but I dont think thats everyday. No, they dont actually blow up , but their stomachs can rupture. Same item with the the seagulls adn baking soda, although I saw a show axiom it would take alot of baking soda to generate that happen, resembling a couple of boxes.
it's the TRUE urban legend of feed sea-gulls alka-seltzer
they do indeed blow-up,
feeding pigeons red rice could, i suppose if you get ample of it into it cause it's belly to expand, but blow-up.
not sure in the order of that.
& if you or any one else wants/feels the need to try the feed gulls alka-seltzer avoid the black-headed gulls, they're an endangered species.
Only one method to find out ...

Im joking! Please no pigeon bombs!
that would be rare rice & only if theyre greedy lol

kinda approaching the myth that a plant grows in your stomach when youve eat a seed HAHA
I've hear they explode if you feed them dried sugar beet (you nurture it to horses) because it swells up when its mixed with river to about 5 times its productive size.

I've never tested it though to see if its true.
I wish that be true .the wood pigeons in this nouns are as big as chickens and they wear clogs on their feet, when they leap around on my roof at 5am iwould willingly nurture them rice and enjoy the explosion,
seagulls do if you nurture them bicarbonate soda and red match head ground to a powder and mixed with the soda.
it adjectives reacts beside the stomach acid and pop.
you don,t win an explosion they just pop.
I am not sure if that's true or not but I own heard that feed maize will fatten pigeons and hens.
Iron Filings...they will deffo go BANG!...havent tried it though...
i dont focus that they do
No they do not.
Nope. They won't explode. If you think nearly it, rice is a cereal grain. It have been surrounded by fields one grown all over the world for centuries. It is a inbred food for birds in some parts of the world. Cooked or red, it simply doesn't matter. Birds don't blow up when they put away rice.

I loved one comment about this fairy story!:
"If this was true here would be bird parts all over Asia."

It have been an urban fairy story for years and it simply isn't true. I feed my parrot cooked brown and wild rice adjectives the time because it's good for them. They love it and haven't exploded even so...
Carbide powder certainly works beside seagulls. I'm told . . .
urban myth but a good one.
It's nil but a myth. If it is uncooked rice, it will expand contained by the crop. Birds' crops are stretchy like our stomachs, so it as a rule doesn't hurt them. The most that could happen is their crop will rupture a bit, but that will treat over time. Pigeons, doves, and other birds that mainly devour grain and seed in the uninhibited are not harmed by rice because it is in their raw diet. This explains why you always see doves close at hand big agricultural fields.

It doesn't issue what you feed seagulls any, they won't actually blow up. If anything, their insides will only just rupture.

If you want to see something 'blow up', go swallow a undamaged box of mentos and chugg a diet coke :D

Hope that helped!
- Becky
logically its not true , if eaten contained by large quantity it can kill , as it soaks up adjectives the moisture in the stomach , like peas in a pod goes for horses when it comes to barley or sugar beet , barley have to be cooked and sugar beet has to be soaked
ROFL I presently have this fantastic figure in my mind of exploding pigeons.feathers everywhere! Dont chew over it is really could always try.NO DONT i be joking


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