If an owl hits your car while driving is it bad luck?

On the contrary. In rural Lincolnshire it's considered to be a sign of good luck so much so that people actually go out at night in their cars and try and deliberately hit owls.
sure if it damages anything
it is for the owl
Depends on how superstious you are. If any at all. But i really don't know
For the owl? Yes, terrible luck.
it would be bad luck for the owl.
only if it was out shopping
yeah how often do you see an owl?
Only if you believe it
Not if the owl has fully comprehensive insurance.
No, but that would suck! If you are superstitious then anything can be bad luck. No one thing actually causes bad luck. But if you believe it to be true then you may just manifest bad luck onto yourself.
it is for the owl!
only for the owl
Luck does not exist, only circumstances and how you choose to recover from them whether they be good or bad.
It is for the owl.
hope the owl had good insurance, if not, well yes could be bad luck especially if he decides to sue, but seriously, unless you are superstitious, i wouldn't worry about it
I've heard that if a bird flies into the main window of your house it is considered back luck . that's what grandma used to say . so if a owl hits a moving window ? hmmmmm
being born in the 60's i have heard a few of grandma's remedies and ole wise tales .. believe them or not ..
Not if its in hunting season!
I didnt know owls could drive!!
I would think it was bad luck on the owl, must have ruffled a few feathers
for the owl & not you
yes, I hit one in my pug and have been plagued with lepresy ever since that fateful night..dont leave your house!!
Come, come, Ron - you'll be getting Lincolnshire dwellers a bad name!
The odds on being hit by an owl whilst driving must be million to one, I personally have never seen an owl driving so on that basis it must be terribly bad luck
It is for the owl
For the Owl, yes.
sadly it usually is bad luck ---- for the owl.

although some merely get concussed
and recover ,to fly again as if nothing had happened

Owls are almost impossible, to avoid
as they fly down ,for some unfortunate small prey,
at an incredible speed
ignoring the traffic

Not if you live in machester
the odds are too high, as your car is probably on bricks
or burnt out in a field. Therefore rendring it motionless
and the owl has great eyesight and would easily avoid such an obstruction
So in some cases yes

I misunderstood, only if he leaves the scene
do owls drive
it is for the owl !
The only reason owls have this "bad luck" vibe about them is because back in the old old olden days the screech of an owl was thought to be a troubled spirit or ghoul, and if you have ever heard a barn owl call it sound like someone being murdered, so it was originally thought to be bad luck when you heard this noise and to see an owl was a bad omen. The most common owl in Britain is the barn owl, and when you see this white bird flying silently at a distance it is spooky and looks a bit ghostly, this is why people thought they were spirits wandering the night. It is also said that it is bad luck to see an owl in the daytime, if this is so i must be the unluckiest person ever because my owl sits right outside my living room window all day and goes inside at night.
I very much doubt that owls bring bad luck. If an owl hits your windscreen and causes you to crash your car, you probably crashed your car trying to avoid the owl. Owls have terrible eyesight and fly incredibly slow and low so it is common for owls to be hit by vehicles. Would you be so worried if you hit a pigeon.

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