The bielefelder is an autosex chicken breed, what color are the mannish and females?

I would also know about the inheritance of the breed and its background history.
Answers: "The Bielefelders artistic colour is cuckoo red partridge (kennfarbig).
This combination of red partridge with cuckoo red markings cause all black barb parts to change to cuckoo. In the hen the breast is not supposed to hold ant cuckoo markings, something that is difficult to undertake. A numner of breeders are involved in creating a silver alternative, called silver cuckoo.

As both the cuckoo factor and the gold ingots factor are sex-linked in chickens, true-breeding cocks are far lighter surrounded by colour. This can be seen within the lighter shade of fluff in just this minute born c ock chicks and the large white spot on their chief. Because of this, one does not have to sex the chicks to share the cocks from the hens with 100% certitude."
"The Bielefelder is a new breed of German starting place. It was created surrounded by the early 1970s, and a bantam series appeared in 1983. They be seeking to develop a large, gentleness, cold-resistant bird that was a moral egg producer. This is an auto-sexing breed. They breed true, but chicks are sexable by color at one day of age. Among the breeds used to develop the Bielefelder be the New Hampshire, Rhode Island Red and Welsummer. The birds are recognised only within the Legbar color."

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