Are finches loud birds?

I want to get a finch but I want to know if it is a loud bird?
No, not at all. It's kind of a high pitched little chattering, but it doesn't have much of a decible level, if that's what you are asking. It is rather constant, however.
I have a pet store and I would say they are not noisey like a parrot, but they do make "peeping" noises. However they are messy with the seeds!
no i dont think they are .but i dont think you'll end up listening to my answer so lol..yea..but thar not loud
Finches aren't very loud..but they ARE "talkative". You might want to get 2 by the way, just so the one doen't end up lonely. Actually. they're cute, the way they "peep" (that's what it sounds like when they 'talk' ) back n fourth. ; )
I went to finchworld .com and found some interesting info for you. Apparently they aren't loud birds. The article suggested buying a pair of them. They usually aren't very expensive compared to other birds. I don't think they are particularly long-lived either. Another good source of bird info is Bird talk magazine. I would try to find a local "bird mart". Bird talk usually has a listing by state toward the back of the mag.
Not loud, just constant. they make a sort of mumbling sound all the time, unless you turn off the light. Most birds don't do well solo. They are social animals and enjoy interaction.
i have 4. they aren't load. just noisey. but a few weeks after we got them the got used to their surrondings. they aren't very noisey anymore and they are very friendly birds. hope that helps.
finches are fairly quiet compared to other birds unless you have 60 zebra finches - then they get a bit noisier
As said in previous answers, they are not loud but talkative. I agree that you should have at least a pair. You must also keep the cage very clean because their droppings have a strong ammonia smell.
they chirp and some sing a little but they are not loud like parrots
No, finches aren't loud. I believe each finch has a "signature" song. No two finches sing alike.
in small groups they aren't very noisy but if you have heaps then yes they are loud

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