How big will my parakeet get??

I got my parakeet in Feb. of 07, and now it's Aug. of parakeet hasn't grown. I've heard that this isn't right and that parakeets are supposed to be bigger by now then MY parakeet is. I'm really worried somethings he just a runt or is this serious?
What makes you think he's a runt? It depends on what type of parakeet you have. Is it a budgie? Budgies don't grow that big, and the fully grown babies are usually as large as the adults. Is he playing, chirping, eating and pooping ok? If so, he's probably healthy.
I have 4 parakeets. Two are English budgies, so they are larger than the common budgies. None of them have really grown since I got them, although maybe they've gotten a little fatter because they eat very well here. :)
Feed your parakeet good quality seed, romaine lettuce leaves, broccoli, corn, and apples, cooked egg whites, cooked chicken, and it should be healthy and happy.
Budgies don't get much bigger than they are when you get them at the pet store.
I agree with the above--by the time you buy them from the pet store they are pretty much full sized. If he is chirping, playful, happy and eating well, I wouldn't worry. :)
parakeets are fully grown at 6 weeks old

so thats probably the biggest his gonna get.
if you think he should be bigger birds are just like humans
some are just naturally smaller.
nothing to worry about.

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