My parrot is terrified of Balloons...Is your bird afraid of anything kinda strange?

Probably the reason he is afraid of balloons is because it looks like a huge predator to him. Birds are also afraid of ceiling fans.My bird would freak out and fling himself to the floor if I even tried to walk by the ceiling fan (which was never turned on) with him on my hand.I even consulted an avian behaviorist to see why he did that and that's what she told me.I guess I never thought if it like that before!
The three birds I have now are fearless -- I haven't found anything they're afraid of (they're caiques, it's a caique thing). I had a Quaker parrot that HATED yellow things -- sponges, latex gloves, balloons. I used to use it to my advantage, to keep him off things. If I wanted him to stay off the counter, all I had to do was put a yellow sponge on it.
Boxes. Haha. Weird huh?
My parakeets hate anything red. If I wear a red shirt they get scared of me!
Yep, my cockatiel is afraid of balloons also. He's also terrified of Christmas trees and lights such as a flashlight or laser pointer lights. I don't point it at him but if he sees it on the wall or floor, he'll run.
I have an Umbrella Cockatoo and she goes into "attack mode" around anything yellow. She will attack anything in her vicinity that is yellow; bananas, lemons, etc. It's hilarious!
got that right mine is scared of almost anything bigger than him except me or other people!
strange, huh?
My cockatiels afraid of this really cool perch i got him! I think he is afraid of purple too. It was a cool perch too...

no it is not strange becaue my favorite quake parrot is scared of large objects like wood sticks, this is a hard to to do to train him not to be scared but dont let him or her see ballons for a long time.good luck
birds have a superior sense of color vision, so the balloons are probably way more colorful than we see them as. birds are generally afraid of things that are bigger than them that are moving weirdly, or, for example, i got a 2foor plastic inflatable parrot and my 'tiel was terrified of it (it eventuall got a hole in it). So that's normal for a bird to be afraid of those types fo things
My birds were always scared of everything. if i put my hand near their cage they would flap their wings & move around, so yeah it's very normal, after all we are much bigger than them. :)
All my birds HATE the vacuum cleaner. I don't even have to turn it on and they start screaming. Our smallest bird is a blue quaker, and he has really no fear, he will bite and chase our dog (who is 85 lbs.) Our biggest bird, a conure, is scared of everything! Clothes baskets, anything that makes noise, the name it!

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