My cockatiel wont shut up?

all he does in the mornings is squak FOR HOURS please help me, any ideas?
I had a latino cockatiel for 26yrs. Most of the answeres that are here are pretty correct. He wants you. My Cricket (his name) hears me coming in the driveway and would go off till I let him get on my shoulder and said hi to him and how his day was. Never was he locked up. Attention was the key but. This one place we lived he would just go nutz with the screaming and my attention come to find out wasn't his problem. No there about a quarter mile down the road was another cockatiel. They can hear alot better than Humans and let me tell you they knew each other was there. So, they talked every morning!! Check your neighborhood. Other than that It is just attention. Once there is that bond there it's beautiful. Wait until they try to share their food with you!!! Smile and they will if the bond is there. The average life of a cockatiel is 15 years. Mine lived 1 day short of his 26th birthday he had a long healthy and happy life and I gave him all the attention he could handle. We both where happy I wish you the same.
trust me i had a cocketiel once my mom let it outside to fly away anyways it is squaking bc it wants attention it needs attention every day for two hours or more
Play with him. He is entertaining himself. Cover his cage before you go to bed and take it off as soon as it's wake up time.
I had a cockatiel. He always squaked. All i did was but a rag on my shoulder and sit him there and he never squaked because he got what he be with his owner. If he doesnt just sit on your shoulder let him walk around, he cant get into anything. Just make sure hes in the same room as you.
This isn't a question but a statement but I ques you want to shut him up. All you have to do is cover the cage. But instead why don't you talk to him. That's what he wants. Teach him to talk to you. The one I had could say many words. Just keep saying them over & over. Also put them on a tape & play them when your not there. Especially a song. Mine whistled The Bridge Over The River Quie Now that was nice to listen to.
He wants loving'
When I had a Cockatiel I raise her from the egg. She knew my voice and whenever she hear me, she start hollering. She not do this with anyone else.
He wants to be out with you. My cockatiel was out all day and only put in his cage at night. You want a bird, you have to be prepared to look after it. Make sure he has plenty of toys to play with also.

Rethink why you wanted a bird in the first place.
If you mean at dawn, this is normal. Cockateils sing to greet the sun. You can delay their singing by covering their cage with a blanket or other cloth which will prevent the sunlight from entering the cage.

If you mean that he just constantly makes noise all morning long, then he is asking for attention. If you are not able to give attention at that time, you might try turning on a television for him to watch, especially if you have "The Animal Planet". You might even consider getting a few nature videos of birds. This will usually keep a cockatiel busy, although he also might try to call to the other birds.

However, you must give your cockateil at least 1 to 2 hours of your time every day! They are very sensitive birds , and crave attention and love. If you don't give him attention he may eventually become aggressive and ill tempered, as he feels that you are ignoring him.

Good luck !
Animals get bored too. She justs wants some attention and a little time out of that cage.
My Birds make noise until I uncover the cage and greet them. Most days I let them out to fly and I chat them up, I leave Spanish language TV on for them when I leave for the day. If your cockatiel is alone you are his social contact, give him at least an hour in the AM and at night before bed. I sing children's songs to mine, I play pop music and the male will dance a bit to it, the female looks at me like I'm crazy when I dance too. They nap every afternoon. New food treats always amuse them.
get toys 2 keep him busy
Birds usually do a flock call at sun-up and sundown. That may or may not be the case.

He might just want attention. If you give it to him, he will continue to do this anytime he sees you. Cover his cage or ignore him (not easy to ignore) until he finds out it won't work. Give him the attention he needs only when he is being good.
Uncover it when he is quiet.

If he is sitting by a window where he can see out, things moving outside may frighten him in which case he will do his panic call.

Good luck with finding the cause and the cure.
They always do that when they want attention, and unlike dogs and people, ignoring them will not stop the problem!!
The only way to stop it is to talk to him or take him out of his cage with you for at least 15 minutes or so.
I work with birds everyday and some are very loud. what you do is you leave the room along with everyone else until he is quiet. Then when he settles down enter the room and if that dosnt work email me.
you could put a cover over the cage. that makes the bird think it's still night time, so they stop chirping. or put the cage outside. that's what we did with my cockatiel that was loud and also wouldn't shut up. we eventually put it in my room, and he got a little quieter and happier
Maybe you should tell him if he doesn't be quiet, you'll glue his little beak shut. When I tell that to mine he just gives me a weird look. But in all seriousness. This has worked for me. Whenever he was like this especially in the mornings. I would put him in another room that was darker and covered him up. That worked most of the time. But he could also be telling you it's morning so it's time to wake up and play. Good luck with him.
All male birds are attention seeking (females are the same until they lay their first egg and become moody teenager birds). You should get a female cockatiel to keep it company!(worked for me.) It should soon shut up. but if it doesn't .. then give it a cuddle every day (also make sure it has FOOD AND WATER!) :) :) :)

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