How can I adopt a large bird like a cockatoo or a McCall to give a loving home to with no cost to me already?

go to is a site for rescue groups.just eneter your Zip code, and be AMAZED at how many great choices you have !!.check it out.try a good deed.adopt a bird today !.good luck to you, in your search for a bird as a new pet !!
Call or visit your local animal shelter or humane society. The sometimes have these types of pets, or they can tell you where you can adopt them. Local veternarian bulletin boards, also have lots of free pets to give to loving homes.
Well, you are dreaming there..Most of those birds go to shetlers or resuse groups that make sure that they go to people who really know how to take care of them. The cage alone will set you back at least $500.00 to $1000.00 dollars. Keeping those kinds of birds is NOT CHEAP!!
I think you are referring to a MACAW. I have NO idea what a McCall is.
I know someone who does Macaw rescue and adoptions. They are still VERY EXPENSIVE!. There is an adoption fee of course! These birds live a LONG TIME and a good home is a must. The supplies alone for a bird like that is very expensive. So is vet care. Not many vets see these birds, and travel to a vet school is common.and costly. and go to the pets section
Look up a rescue group or place ads stating you will take in unwanted birds.
First off, you really need to RESEARCH if you think a Macaw is pronounced McCall. It scares me when people like you get birds because what typically happens, is you know nothing about the birds personality, you only get one because of the idea of having an exotic bird and because of their exquisite beauty. Here are some of my recommendations
1. Hardly any decent person would give away one of these birds you are looking for because of the fact that they don't want some yahoo taking in a bird that knows NOTHING about these birds. People who do give them away for free are either stupid or don't care about animals or both.
2. These birds are very expensive, with some Macaws going all the way up to 10 grand. Not many people are willing to invest thousands of dollars between the cage, the bird, and acessories to just give it away for free. Would you give your car away for free??
3. Not only are these birds expensive to buy, even if you did get one for free, just getting a cage(assuming it doesn't come with one) food for one month, plus the first vet bill and vaccinations(yes they are VERY important) alone will cost you in the ballpark of $1,000 bucks, between getting a good sized cage (400-$500) first vet check up and shots(about $200) then food, vitamins, pellets, fresh produce that they eat daily, LOTS of toys, perches, and other necessities(around $300)

If you want a bird go to your local pet store and get a parakeet for 20 bucks, they're easy to keep and a hell of a lot cheaper than a Cockatoo or a "McCall" Macaw. I also think that a little, who am I kidding, A LOT of avian knowledge wouldn't hurt you. I hate to be so abrupt, but I researched birds and aviculture for over a year before I got a little lovebird. I have slowly been adding to my flock ever since, but not without plenty of knowledge. You don't want to be blind sided when the Cockatoo gets spooked by a child and bites a kids finger off, this is has happened in the past, and will continue to happen, or a Macaw doesn't like the way you are handling it and turns around and rips a big piece of your arm off!
I would recommend first looking at this: How much time do you have to spend with said bird, if you only have an hour a day to play with it, a cockatiel, or small conure, sometihng along these lines would be ok, but even then thats really not very much time. Secondly How much room do you have, do you have room for a 4' wide by 6'tall cage suitable for a Macaw, or room for a 2' by 2' cage for a cockatiel? Do you have any dogs, or animals that would scare your bird? Do you have the money for all the food your bird will eat, they have to have fresh fruit and veggies DAILY they're just like kids, and also fresh water sometimes several times a day. The bigger the bird the more time you need for it, the more room you need for it, and the more money you're going to spend on it. All I have to say is don't ruin a bird for life with instant gratification for yourself, then rehoming him after not giving him several hours a day out of his cage, play time with you, just so that he can be dumped on someone else to clean up the emotional mess that you gave to this bird. They bond closer to humans more than any cat or dog ever will, on top of outliving them 3 fold or more depending on the species! I hope you read all this and take everything into consideration, I assure you none of this was indulgded for my benefit! Also going to a bird rescue and getting to volunteer or at least handle these birds would be a great start, and you could gain a lot of knowledge from this! Advice is only good when heeded!
This isn't what you want to hear, but if you can't afford the set up, and you can't afford a vet bill, then you can't afford a pet.
Many cities have avian rescue may have to take a class for a fee to become trained to adopt a bird but you can take this route to getting a bird that is often expensive to own.
simple if you cant spell it you shouldnt have one. its Macaw ! and if you cant afford to pay for it, again you shouldnt have one, unless you have the funds to carry this bird on.. without having to depend on mommy and daddy.
First you should get a little education. No offense, but if you do not know the proper name of a bird, the person who has one to give away is not going to give it to you.

There are some reputable rescues that will allow a qualified person to adopt a big bird at no charge. However, you are required to purchase an adequate cage. Your free bird may need a $1000 cage. Did you think about that?

Realizing that these birds were already orphaned, you must think about why that would be. They have issues! Do you know how loud a cockatoo can scream?? They can rattle the windows in the house. How loving will your home be then?

If you have no experience with them, my determination after reading your question, it is doubtful a rescue would adopt to you at all.

Please think about it seriously. They are not pretty statues. They are noisy and messy and I personally love them. But if everyone did, the last rescue I donated toys to would not have EIGHTY (80) cockatoos there.

Here's a link to check out about their volume. Also, read the rest of that site. It will be an eye opener for you.
To be a little fair it sounds like English is the second language to this question asker - McCall can sound like Macaw with an accent. But I agree with others that these are very expensive birds. They cost a lot to even adopt, the food is expensive, the cage is OUTRAGEOUSly expensive and so are the toys. I mean, one toy can cost $40 and they need many many toys because they destroy them.

Do your research to find out which birdie is best for you and then wait until you can afford to take care of it.

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