What does it mean when a bird flies into your house??

Last summer a small outside bird flew into my house, turned around, and flew back out. A few days ago another bird tried to come into my house through the screen door, but wasn't able too. My grandma always told me it was a sign of "death". But this happened a year ago, and no one i know died. Im curious because another bird just tried to get in our home, but the screen was shut. This was no accident. I have heard that birds are messengers of GOD. Does anyome have any idea what the message may be?? What could this mean?
Usually birds fly into houses by mistake. They see daylight on the other side, & do not know what to think of glass.
It means they are confused, nothing else.
I rescued many birds in the place I worked, because when they left the back 'garage' type door open, & the front office door open, it looked like a straight thru for the birds I had to catch in the office & release. In 8 years at that company, no one died...
They sometimes get chased by a larger birds too...they can hit glass in a panic, or fly into someplace they normaly would not.
it doesn't mean anything. it just means that a bird flew in your house.
it means you left the door open.
it simply means tht " IT IS TIME TO TURN THE FAN OFF" sweety.simple!, wonder y u cant get it!
It just usually means that they are lost or you might of had a window or somehting opened and it was traveling, basically passing through
the bird flew into your house because sometimes they just fly and fly going pretty fast. they aren't always 100% sure where they are going but they feel comfortable flying in closed in areas (house). there is no need to worry...this is not a sign of death. it doesn't mean anything either, just an act of nature
I have never heard that there is any special "meaning" to a bird trying to get into a house. Personally, I don't think it means anything.
I can only say this was taken very seriously in some places back fifty some odd years ago in certain localities. That generation in the nineteen forties would read certain passages of scripture aloud every time this occurred. This 'superstition' originated in Germany.
I had a friend call me and ask me this once. She had birds trying to get into the house and they would fly in when she opened the door. I couldn't figure it out on the phone so I went over there. That's when I noticed the smell. Some kind of foul odor was in her house and she couldn't smell it. The birds were trying to get whatever it was. Just make sure there isn't something in your house that they are attracted to. Several birds in a short amount of time is not a mistake, they are after something.
It means a bird was confused. That's all.
The only bird related omen I have personally experienced is an American Indian one (Navajo, I think). An owl flying over your house/home and calling heralds the death of a family member. This happen twice and each time I lost a grand parent.

Many cultures view some species of birds as messengers to/from the gods/spirits. Or as carriers of spirits to the other side.
Birds of a feather flock together,(unless they're from Michigan),he was just trying to get together with his peers.

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