How do cats act after being declawed?

Some associate the pain of declawing with using the litter box and will decide not to continue to use the litter box. Some may become aggressive because their first line of defensive is gone.

I'll answer your question with a question. How would you feel after having the first digit of your fingers amputated?
they act really weird at first but then get used to it but i think all cats are different. but you should never declaw them. that is really mean to do just think. .. would you like your nails ripped off? i didn't think so
Some cats get 'snappish' because when a cat is declawed, their main self-defense mechanism is taken away..and they resort to BITING.

It's not good to get a cat declawed..better to use Soft Paws.
like you ripped their nails out of their fingers.
It's the cruelest thing you can do to your cat.

They will associate YOU with the pain, may take to biting frequently, because after all, YOU were the one who had THE ENDS OF THEIR TOES CUT OFF!!

Please give the cat to someone who is capable of caring for it WITHOUT MUTILATING IT.
It wants to left alone for a while until the pain goes away
i wouldnt know i would never do it to my cats
So long as it's done when they're kittens, they won't miss a beat.
my friend had her cat declwed and it seemed okay, but sometime he would sit and lick his paws for hours, but that was only after the declawing. now he's a normal cat, pouncing around like the kitty he is. doing everything like he had claws, but without the scratching of course.
please do not declaw your cat it is their only defense mechanism not to mention cruel how would you like it if some one removed your finger nails. how is your cat going to defend himself??! not many vets do this anyway and it is expensive PLEASE RECONSIDER THIS IRREVERSIBLE PROCEDURE
they do not want to play or do anything all they want to do is sleep and if he has white paws or orange paws they will turn purple thats what happened to my cat he will be all back to normal in about two weeks or so and it licks its paws alot too GOOD LUCK (but if its an outside cat do NOT get it declawed)
They're a bit more aggressive than the are when they have claws, and if you get you're cat De-clawed they cant defend themselves form other cats or dogs as well, there only defense then is there back claws and there teeth.
Typically a cat will lick at their paws and shake them for a few days up to 2 weeks. They may or may not be lethargic, they may not want to eat or be bothered or pet until they are healed. That is as long as everything goes accordingly. The vet will give you pain pills for your cat.
And yes, they do cut of the toes at the first joint. But they don't just rip them off. It's a surgical procedure, and just like any surgical procedure there will be some pain involved. As well as some risks. And the vet will only declaw the front paws, I don't know a vet anywhere that will declaw the hind legs unless there is a medical reason to do so.
You will have to change kitty litter after the declaw. Regular litter can get into their wounds and cause serious infection. The vet will sell you some litter called Yesterday's News or something similar.
I wouldn't recommend Soft Paws, I have seen more infections and problems with those than I have declaws. I've been involved in many declaw procedures and most of them go just fine. It's a personal decision you will have to make.

I look at it this way, millions of cats are euthanized every year because no one wants them. If you can save a cats life by taking it in, even if you need to declaw them, that's still better than euthanizing it. I'm sure the cat would rather be alive and in a loving home with no claws than to be killed.
Cats can have reactions from fear to indifference. I was lucky as in the past my family always had our cats declawed. Once the recovered they acted fine with no difference at all. However, that's long before I realized exactly what declawing really entails.. It's a cruel and mutilating procedure. DO NOT DO IT!
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