Why does my cat lick herself so much?

Not having much other information to go on, it could be just the normal acto of cleaning herself or something else. Cats tend to clean themselves several times a day. My cats will get a drop of liquid on them and then lick away like it was mud. Other cats could have an irritation and are trying to soothe the area, but may be making it worse with constant friction and saliva. If you notice her concentrating on a specific area a lot, then take a look and see if you notice it being red or a loss of hair. If so, you may want to take her to the vet for fleas or a rash. Otherwise, be glad that your kitty enjoys being clean.
Because it's the way cats clean themselves. And cats like to be clean.
Why does your cat lick herself so much? The answer is simple: hairballs.

Clearly your precious kitty is annoyed for some reason, and has decided to communicate her displeasure to you by ingesting as much of her own fur as possible so that she can then ACK-ACK-ACK-ULP-PLOP a nice, gooey furball on your favorite couch. or sweater. or bedspread.

My suggestion is threefold (1) apologize profusely to your kitty cat; (2) give her some tuna or another special treat; and (3) feed her some of that anti-hairball stuff that looks like gross brown toothpaste.

To err is human, to hack up a furball, feline.
Could be mean she needs a bath or to keep cool
easy it is because it is too dry ,no lah just kidding .thatz the way cats use to clean themself
Do you mean at one particular spot on the body or all over her body?

One of my cats lick on 1 particular spot and it has caused all the fur to drop. Thus he has a bald patch :P My vet said that it's a hormonal thingie because he is spayed. He gave my cat a jab and it worked for awhile but he said it would have to be a lifetime treatment :(

If she likes all over her body, probably bored I guess.
cats just love to groom themselves!
Simple! It is the way cats clean themselves.
Maybe your cat has an itchy spot if she is licking in one spot alot.
maybe she feels dirty
Because she thinks her fur is dirty and she loves to be clean all the time, so she lick herself, like she clean herself you know, just natural^^
What is "so much"? Cats clean themselves by licking and spend some ridiculous portion of the day doing it. At least it's preferable to rolling on dead fish like dogs do.
If she is licking and biting one spot on herself, she may have what is called a hot spot, a bit of ringworm or other infection or an insect bite.
You can buy itch relief spray in pet stores but make sure the one you get is labeled safe for use on cats. Because the cat will be licking it off.
If the cat has gone so far as to lick/chew herself a bald patch, you need to go to the vet. The vet has stronger medicines that can help this. It's probably an allergy to something.
Cats are very clean animals. She is licking herself to stay clean. They may even do this to other cats, or you. This is why you don't have to regularly bath cats yourself.

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