Why do animals leave dead birds on the doorstep?

They would bring it inside the house if they could. They want to show you how great they are at hunting, and feed you too. Make sure you don't scold your pet for this, as it is a sign of love and they won't get why you are mad. It's part of having outdoor pets, which really isn't the best idea anyway since they only live an average life of 2-5 years instead of 15-20. You can google this to find out more about why indoor pets are better off. Mine used to go outside and have adapted fine to their indoor life and are happy.
It is a gift of love from your kitty. You should feel very loved and special even though its gross.
They are showing you they love you, and are wanting to share
They're showing you that they are good hunters. It's their gift to you.
Yup, she's right. Cats will leave you "gifts", kind of like little kids drawing you pictures for your fridge.
Kind of like leaving a gift for you. Probably a sign of appreciation. I know my outdoor cat will leave little mice and birds. One time even left a dead squirrel on the doorstep. He is a very large cat and we think may even be a cross with a bobcat. We found him one day with his ear almost ripped off and took him to the vet. He has been a member of our family since then.He has been leaving dead animals on our doorstep ever since we brought him home from the vet's office.
It is a gift for you.
psssh. they're show offs.
if it is from a cat then it is a gift for the owner as the cat is takeing it back to its den
Your kitty is giving you a 'present'. They don't understand that it is gross. They are trying to please you.
It means it's showing love to you and a gift.
MY grannys cat use to go catch her a mouse or bird and leave it on the porch. AND some times she would bring it in the house and drop it at her feet. IT Was a peace offering. AND it also was a thank-you to my granny 4 being so good 2 her.
because they are bringing you a present!
They are special present to their dear "mum".

Or it could be a subtle hint that they would like a more species appropriate diet than that "cereal" you are feedng them.
they are probably trying to give it to you,showing thier nature,or saving some for later
Cats leave dead birds or dead mice on the door step as a present! Its creepy but cute!
They do it because they love you. It's their sort of gift. They went out and hunted it just for you!
It's a sign of affection. It's like they are bringing you a birthday gift each time one is left on the doorstep.
Yep, it's your cat's way of saying "Let me buy lunch today".

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