My cat is normally very active but has become lethargic and very sleepy?

In the late evening, he is usually up playing with my dog and with me and generally being active. Tonight, he's been sleeping and ignoring all attempts to get him to play- he won't even get up for his favorite treats! Should I be worried?
Just keep an eye on him and make sure he is still eating, drinking, and using the bathroom. If not by tomorrow give your vet a call for a checkup.
I would wait until tomorrow, if things haven't changed then contact your vet.
Maybe he just feels like taking a day off :)
He could be sick though, give him another day and if he still continues to not be himself then take him to the vets.
Mellissa how old is he..if he keeps acting like this call the vet in the morning..just to make sure kitty is ok..maybe he just is feeling blah humans..depending were you live change in weather could affect your pets..
Don't be worried just yet. Just see how he acts for the next few days. Cats normally sleep about 20 hours a day. So your cat just may be doing it's normal resting.
animals just like us have a bad day sometimes,i wouldn't get to excited right now.but i would have it checked out if it continues.
Could just be a change in the weather it affects them just like it does us! Keep an eye on him. Try to catch him using the litter box. If you see any kind of straining while using it get him to the vet as fast as you can. How do his eyes and fur look. Nice bright and shiney like normal? If they are chances are he's just more tired than usual. Also how old is he? The older they get the more they sleep.
Keep an eye on him for now it could just a cold.
If it gets worst get him to the vet ASAP there two things it could be diabetes, or thyroid trouble.
Try a little honey or syrup on the cats tongue. If he lets you and he starts acting a little better get him the vet. -diabetes
If you just can not get him to do anything it could be thyroid,
I have a dog with the condition meds every day for her.
If he fights you it a cold, and the dog will probably get it to.
At 9 weeks old, he's like a 2-year old child..spends the day tearing around the house & roughhousing with the dog. Probably just pooped out from playing too much. Let him rest & see if he perks up tomorrow. If not, take him to the vet. Better safe than sorry, right?
Any change in behavior in such a kitten should be cause for concern. Has he eaten, eliminated, etc. No vomiting or diarrhea?
Has he started his kitten shots?

If he doesn't perk up by morning, doesn't eat, vomits or has the runs then get him in to a vet ASAP.
your kitten has worms. you can buy over the counter worm meds it goes by weight he is nine weeks he is still around a pound. i do not know where you got him short of getting him from a shelter i can guarantee you he was NOT DEWORMED. all puppies and kittens are born with round worm they get it from mom. also you should get him neutered asap male cats spray fix them before they mature and this will NOT happen fix them after and the problem will always occur. once you give him the worm meds he will and should have diarrhea encourage him to drink water kittens are stupid that way they do not know enough to drink when thay are thirsty remember they always drank from mom and she is not around anymore. careful with the dosage too much worm meds will kill him . worm meds dehdrate them theyb why you make sure there is plenty of water. if he will not drink buy a childs medicine syringe and force to the back of his throat. you will be amazed at what water can do for a kitten who does not seem responsive. i have worked for the spca for a long time and have nursed my fair share of kittens if all this makes you nervous take him to a vet and have him fixed and dewormed at the same time not to mention shots cats have over 181 different diseases in their mouth alone not to mention they poop and pee in a box and scrape the litter with their paws and clean their paws with their mouth mmmmmmmm.. good luck with your new edtion you want have some serious laughs with him go to walmart and buy a kitten glove you will be in for some serious laughter.

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