Could I train my cat to be a ninja?

She fits all the requirements, she's super-smart, fast and stealthy. I think it's totally possible, don't you? Plus she'd be so adorable in her little ninja outfit.;-)
LOL is all I can say. LOL's cannot be ninjas cuz they are too lazy
lol sure im teaching my cat to be a pirate we should have them fight each other.
my can is totally a ninja..
* ya u should try
Listen already is. Watch your face at night time.
I have no idea but you can try my aunt had a boxer cat and it would box your foot!!
NO you's are NOT puss ies..
Set fire to her tail, then she will at least look like a ninja!
Go for it! I trained my cat to walk on a leash, why not sport combat.
well have her be ninja for halloween 4 all you know she could be a ninja in disguise
Possibly. Watch Shrek 2 - that cat could fight like hell!
well my dog is a professional opera singer and my bird is a ballet dancer, so i think a ninja cat is possible!!

(ps) can u be a little more ridiculous and dumb?
It is impossible for an animal to be a ninja except in movies and cartoons.
don't try that
Cool, she could team up with my four turtles!
cats don't have apposible thumbs, so they can't hold any weapons, so I would say that they can't become a ninja.
Arrrrrrrrrg, My kitty's a Pirate and it's National Talk Like A Pirate Day. She'll take on any ninja.
Have your cat challenge a fight with me and I will tell you if your cat is good enough to be a ninja.

Cats and ladies go first, I will go easy on them.
thats so cute! she has a ninja costume!! i used to have golfer sweaters for my dogs in the winter time.
My cat is a ninja he is better than any watch dog could ever be. so yes you can train yours to be like mine and he is the master.
actually ur cat is
1. super-dumb
2. slow, lazy, and weak
3. ugly in any outfit

please be smart enough to think that cats will only lick their paws, scrath furniture, jump everywhere, and pee

oh yeah, and, ur cat could tear me up? nice try, cuz other people had tried to make their cats get into a fight, and i ended up eliminating them all in a small ninja fight. hahahahaha.
i wouldnt let her just be a cat:) good luck
Train her? She already IS a ninja! All cats are ninjas from birth! :-)
LOL, when my youngest cat was a kitten, I called him my "ninja cat," just because of the speed and accuracy of his jumps, and how high he could jump! Not to mention the razor sharp claws!
id give it a shot go for it

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