Why do cats and dogs like to sleep at your feet?

For generations, cats and dogs have slept at the foot of the bed. They are trying to give you your 'space' as well as establish their own.

Domestic animals are so endearing. I love the sweet little things they do.
its cosy for them..guess so..!!
I think they have the pleasure of torturing you when they do that, knowing that it drives us nuts, my cat is known to lay on my husbands feet, and if my hubby kicks him off. 2 secs later he is back on his feet
That is the part that they get to know the most is your feet cause they follow you around all the time. I think they do it to feel close to you. My toy Chi loves to play with my husbands feet when it walks. And also most of us snore and they may not like the noise and that is why they lay at our feet.
I think they just like being near you since both my dog and cat will both lay by my feet whether i'm at my desk, on the couch or laying in bed. i have noticed though that if i'm sick they do lay by my head but only if i'm not feeling well. and i'm not sure if this is normal but both of my pets sleep together even though i have separate beds for them and they do share spots on the bed also but they don't stay there all night, they roam around.
I have three cats and they all slept in different places on the bed. The oldest slept by my head. The smallest slept beside me. The biggest slept by my legs. I couldn't roll over so now they are banned from the bedroom.
Because they are faithful .
I have a lab and a beagle that always start out with their heads on our pillows, but in the morning they are at the foot of the bed. I think it is because of our snoring! Not sure about myself, but I know there has been times that my husband has drove me to the bottom of the bed. :)
well that's not always the case. when my beagle was a puppy she slept across our necks, when she hit about 10lbs we shoved her off, then she went to sleeping on top of our heads. once in a while she still does that. she likes to sleep under our pillows with us on top of the pillows/her. but it's a security thing, they want to be close to you. and if you ever notice how your pet comes to you and turns and sits with it's back to you or lays next to you with it's butt at you, it's because it feels safe and trusts you to "cover it's back"
it can defend better with it's teeth than it's butt.
In the wild-the alpha male and female(you) get the best spots to sleep in the den. The lower pack members take the rest of the spots and being at your feet shows they respect that you are leader. Being higher than your head means they think they are Alpha.
When in the bed, my cats "love" to sleep on my feet! I think they use them like a pillow. I have pillow under the blamket and they always lay with the front part of thier bodies on it.
more room? I don't know. mine will sleep spralled out along my side, between my legs, on my pillow, on my chest or on my back, where ever he feels like.

also if he sleeps near your feet when it is close to feeding time he doesn't have that far to go to attack your feet till you wake up and feed him.

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