My cat brings me dead mice, like most! Why does he always bite their heads off and then leave them?

Do all cats do this? Or is mine an evil breed?!
When you were little, and you were given a box of animal crackers, I'll bet the first thing you did was to bite their heads off.
All kids do that.
So why be judgemental towards your little kittycat.
my cat did this too

they are bringing you them as a present, lucky you
this is a sign of respect,he is making an offering to you.My cat has done this before.
mine do that also
cats should follow a simple pattern locate-capture-kill-consume but the last part is often ignored on the grounds mice taste awful and catfood is plentyful. once the pray is dead many cats will discard the remains and go look for a fresh mouse to play with.
He's just using a little more force than is absolutely necessary.

I once treated a stray cat to most of my pub lunch, and he was so grateful that he slipped off into the bushes and came back with a mouse which he dropped on my plate

Mmmm warm salad! lucky me
He's bringing them to the alpha female and alpha male of his "pride". It's a social thing!
Did you ever see "The Godfather"? I think this is an omen, your cat is sending you a message. No really, my cat used to bring in frogs and bite thier front legs off. Frog legs all over the basement floor. It thinks you can't hunt for your self so it will take care of you. You are loved.
I have a cat that ive had for a while now and he did exactly the same. most people say they leave it as a present for the owner. even though it seams evil to us, its normal for all cats of a certain age and im sure ur cat is lovely
your lucky its only mice
my little kitty brings me mice,birds,rats and even frogs as we have a river at the bottom of garden

and i have 3 bells on his collar

so the answer to your question is YES
lol mine do this i have 3 cats the best thing to do is put collars on them the ones with bells, it dos work your cats must really love ya
The moggie from hell..
Its a present for you. He ate the brains coz they are lovely and left you the juicy bit xxx
You cat is saying, Hey look what I brought home for you!! Your cat loves you!!
Your cat is telling you that he really, really, really loves you. He is bringing you a gift - the best that he can give you.
Nice, keeping the crunchy bits for himself!
its a present for you. he wants to eat the best bit for himself.
when a cat kills something and brings it to you - it means that -he should fend for himself and you (by bringing you a meal)
Your kit-kat loves you, maybe he wanted the mouse so he took the head and is offering you the body
You feed him,so you are the boss.And the cat respects you so gets you a present.
I think I don't have mice at my home area coz my cat never caught any. But he has caught a few birds. He doesn't bite its heads off. He just throwing it up in the air & plays with it (until its dead & lifeless). He never eats 'em. Yeah, he does bring his catches home to show it to me & yeah lucky me. LOL.

Actually, the reason why he brings it home is to show it to you on how he is doing, his performances of catching its prey. Just give him a pat & praise him & tell him that he is a good catcher. Cat is also like us. We also sometimes want to be praised for something we've done. Don't call him evil. It is just their nature. So be proud of your cat. He is a good hunter! ;-)
He bites the head off because that's the best bit. Nice and juicy. The rest he's not really interested in so he leaves and goes out to get another.

The reality is that because you feed him, he is only catching mice for the hunt. If he was hungry he would eat it all and you would be left with a tail (maybe).
that means your cat respects you !!
I havent had a mouse brought to me Missing a head .. but hey maybe that means he REALLY loves you !!
Just face it hes in the cat mafia and sending u a warning
Taurine. He eats the heads for the taurine in the brains.

He leaves the rest for you because he loves you and wants you to have the fruits of his hunts as his gifts to you, and because he wants to show off what a mighty hunter he is.

My Scooter used to do that, and for years I'd find headless mouse carcasses on my front step. Then he learned how to open up the back of the skulls and get the brains out. After that I'd find headless mouse carcasses with their empty heads next to them. Clever Scooter! (Yuck)
Cats like to contribute to the household, so he brings you offerings. Taking the heads off is the fastest way of killing them. You're lucky, my cat brought live ones in! He's not hungry, so he doesn't eat the bodies.
Try playing with him late at night, as this is when his hunting instinct is at its highest.
as i understand it the head part is the most nutritious. but the rest hes bringing back as a prezzie he loves the pack and unless a bell will stop him catching them theres nothing you can do. some cats can still catch with bells on so its not fool proof i have seen cats that i think could catch even if you attached a cow bell to their collar
Your cat is honoring you by sharing his kill with you. he eats the heads, because the most nutrients and concentrated calories are in the brain.
he's brining you a present.
he just wants you to know that he loves you, and what better way to say that than with a headless mouse? Teach him to shop online and he might buy you a statue of a headless mouse!

Actually there is some truth in what I said up there, but I was mostly being a smart @ss! Cats think they are sharing their food with you and want you to know they love you.

Your cat isn't evil by any means. However, mine may be. My Siamese brought me a headless mouse one night I looked at it and realized IT WAS OUR PET MOUSE!! We'd had him for a year!

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