How long does it take for cats hair to grow back?

my cat had to get shaved due to oil on his coat. How lonh will it take to grow back in? he's a long hair domestic cat.
2-3 months, depending on season and breed of cat.
a couple of week probably
about a month or so depending on the season. I had my cat shaved and it he looked pathetic. He's fine now.
Just like humans, every cat is little different. But you will see significant regrowth after about 3 months. It will likely take a full year before they look as if they haven't been shaved at all. Now, by the way, is a good time to start brushing your cat if it isn't part of your regular routine. Since he doesn't have any of those pesky mats or knots in his hair it will be a completely pleasant experience for him. As his fur regrows you will be keeping it in good shape and he will learn to enjoy the experience. And just think, fewer hairballs hacked up on the carpeting! If daily brushing is already a routine for you then don't stop now. He will still enjoy the bonding experience with you. You may want to get a brush designed for shorthaired cats since his fur is different for the time being.
Did they leave his head, feet and tail all fluffy? Looks so silly doesn't it? Poor kitty, he probably feels good, but don't let him catch his reflection in the mirror.his ego may get bruised! Just keep telling him how handsome he his and pet, pet, pet him so he doesn't feel neglected. Tell him he is now officially an inside cat so he can't get greased-up again and have to go through that nasty grooming experience again!
probably 3-4 months.keep him inside from now on.he will be healthier
My long-haired cat had his belly shaved for surgery at the end of May. I think the hair has grown back well now. That's about three months.
There was a time when my darling 5 year old son put super glue down my male cat's back. I had to cut the hair out, but it was completely regrown within a couple of months. However, said darling son (now nearly 7), cut chunks out of said male cat's fur AGAIN a few months ago. The patchy spots are still there, but he did cut it down quite close. I'm wondering if Blaze will ever be the same! Lol.
I don't know, but maybe you should get him a cool tatto while he's shaved!
For it to fully grow back to the way it was, I'd say about 6 months. I had a maine coon (long hair) who underwent chemotherapy. The vet kept shaving his hair off and it took about that long for it to grow back to normal.

Of course, since your cat isn't undergoing any chemotherapy and is healthy otherwise, it might not take as long. Hope this helps.

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