HELP! My cat is currently stuck on the roof.?

Are there any instructions that will assist me in trying to rescue my cat from ther roof of my apartment building? It looks like the cat got up there by climbing one of the trees closest to the building. Now of course she can no climb down. There is a spot that if I sit on someones shoulders I may be able to reach her. However with the cat being spooked already, I have no idea how I'm going to get a hold of her. Further more if I do get a hold of her, how can I keep her from scratching me and/or causing me to take a fall? Any suggestions are welcome as long as they are geared toward saving the cat. Thank You.
She got herself up there. She can probably get herself down.

Put up a ladder with long boards on it, or netting string across the rungs between the runners. Just leave it there and relax. The cat will find its way down when you're not there getting it more nervous.
get a ladder and get it down or call 911
just get fire man
how did ur cat get stuck in the roof first of all
You probably have to call 9-1-1. :( Good luck!!
What about a dentist?



Well, good luck to you. I would try and entice her with food? Can you borrow a ladder? If you can get on someones shoulders and just coax her down with a soft voice or food she probably will come down. As an owner of 6 cats, I say put on some long sleeves because she probably will scratch you. When you grab her, just hold her tight. Good luck to both you and your cat.
Bribe her with a can of treats (shake them) or with food. Show her a way down, and talk soothingly to her, and she will come to you. This works like a charm.
Why do'nt you call local police/help line for immediate help. Some animal lovers institution may also help. Raise a call for help to local residents. Youths can help you.
may be ask some one local who is near there might help you ..
ok common sense lady
GET A LADDER and get the cat down.

stupid cat!

and why are you on when u should be rescuing ur cat?
First of all,do not panic!At least don't show him.Call a neighbour or two to help you get him.Be calm and throw up some cat's biscuit or his favorite toy.Entertain him untill help arrives.
haha you poor thing cats are such pains in the just like kids thats why we love them!! dont do anything to risk hurting yourself the cat will be fine and wont fall your best bet is to find a strong man in the complex with a ladder get a can of tuna or something the cat will like and get her to come towards you the only problem with a man she doesnt know doing it is gonna scare her an she may not come to him so maybe he can hold the ladder and you can try to call her towards you, just be carefull and if all else fails call the fire department.. isnt that what they do on tv?? good luck be sure to give an update on this one
shoooot em w/ a gun real careful in his pawpaw and wait till he rolls down!@!@11111 but seriouisly it s ttly HARMLESS!!@
Maybe your super could get you onto the roof. Or their always the fire department which adds the bonus of firemen.

Seriously, se a pillow case.kinda uncomfortable for her, but pretty good at keeping claws away from you.
my cat was stuck in a high tree. she cryed for hours.i wanted to call 911 but they would;nt help. don;t worry your cat will come to her sences and climb down,let her know your around every now and then. it;s hard to do nothing i know;but she;ll come down;probley when she gets cat came down about 4 hours later. she never climbed trees again.. good -luck my prayers are with you.and kitty
that's funny.your cat is up your roof and you still managed to typed this question to get help.or maybe you're not interested in gettting your cat down from the roof and you just have no more questions to ask in yahooanswers/..
Please do not call 911! That is for true emergencies - life or death situations. Not only could you get fined but you are possibly delaying emergency help for someone else.

As for the cat - leave her alone. She will find a way down when she gets hungry enough. If it's a one story house then she can easily jump down without injury.
Get a ladder and the cats favorite food/toy and just lure the cat until it is close enough to grab.
As a former member of a fire department, I can tell you (and everybody else here) that 911 is for EMERGENCIES. Not for cats in trees, on roofs, etc.
Sometimes, if the crew isn't busy, you can call the NON-Emergency number and ask them if they wouldn't mind helping. (During daylight hours, please! Don't wake the guys up in the middle of the night!) They might agree to help just so they can practice putting the ladders up and taking them down.
We have a question we usually ask people, though:
"Have you ever seen a Cat skeleton in a tree?"
Well, there's your answer. Cats are smart and agile, and if they got up there, they can most likely get down. It may take a while, so try not to worry too much. Keep calm, don't spook the kitty, and hopefully you'll be reunited soon :)
call the fire department.. they get everything out of trees.. even grandmas.
the cat is probaly terrified already so strangers i wouldnt recomend , how close are u to the roof or the tree he used to climb onto the roof , u can maybe get a male that isnt afraid to climb a tree to try to put a board from the branch she climbed on to to the roof , if u have a long enough ladder and its safe u may be able to place the ladder along the building , u will be surprised how many cats can climb up and down a ladder if the cat isnt down by morning then i would call the fire deparmnt to see if they can help u
usually cats will come back down the same way it went up but if not you should find someone with a latter because not always will the fire department or police be able to help you even get ahold of the apartment manager to see if someone there does maintenence and if they have a latter and a can of tuna will also help
My cat Angel got on my roof here at my house one time. She climbed a tree beside the house and then was meowing at me to help her down. I coaxed her to the tree she got up there by and talked to her and kept telling her to come down. She eventually climbed down the tree. I didn't have a ladder or anything and if you get someone else to help you it's going to spook the cat and she might claw you and you could drop her or something. It's best if she comes down on her own. Angel did this again one day and acted like she wanted me to help her down. I showed her the tree again and she kept meowing I told her that you know how to get down cause you did it before and went in the house. It wasn't long before she came down on her own and she hasn't been up there since. Let everyone know how this turns out. Good luck.
First, I would suggest you call the fire department. If that is not possible, maybe you can lure the cat to you with some treats, then grab her and hold her by the back of her neck so she can't scratch you. >
Seriously why did you take the time to get on the computer and ask people online about this problem? Wouldn't your neighbors be of any assistance?

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