My kitty died, if I bury it out back will my dog dig it up?

How can I prevent this?
Bless Your heart, You lost Your Cat, then You come here heartbroken looking for help, and get this stuff. Make sure the grave is deep enough, at least 4 feet or deeper. Put the Cat in a plastic bag, possibly two, and tie the end off with twist ties. Make sure the bags are the thick black trash bags. Then put them in a box. It makes the hole have to be deeper, but it is worth it. We have Dogs and Cats in our yard, and have NEVER had a problem. We had two Dogs that were best buds for eleven years. Our Cocker Spaniel died and was buried in the back yard, and Our male Beagle has never bothered Her grave.

And yes it would be wonderful if We all had the money to have an expensive funeral with a wonderful casket, but for many, that is not possible. Besides for what ever reason, We want them near us. It helps somehow. And that money can be better spent helping other animals that need homes, and a helping hand.

Sorry about Your loss. If You are worried, You can place large rocks or bricks on top. But it should be fine.

Please accept My condolences for Your loss. We also lost a cat this year, actually two. One 12 years old, one 9 years old. We have them in the yard. We wanted them close to us. And none of the graves have been touched.

God Bless You, and please don't spend one second of Your time on stupid answers..Please..
if it's used to the smell ..maybe.good question.why don't you get it stuffed and then hang it on ur wall?
Not if you bury it deep enough. How about planting a rose tree or shrub on top just to make sure?
yes your dog will dig it up and bring poor kitty in to show you, you could bury kitty in garden then lay a slab over the top of where you buried kitty put a nice planter on top of slab
Dont do it..I did & its not a pretty site..Go to pet cemetry.
Put bricks on the site. Make a memorial to her/him.
Just make sure the hole you dig is three or four feet deep, pack the dirt thoroughly, and place some big rocks or heavy object on top to discourage dog from digging. Spray hot pepper wax on area to keep the dog away.
absolutely no doubt he will!
he is used to the smell and will dig it up!!why do u
place it in a graveyard!
u can still visit it and it wont be a pain!
u wont have to keep buryin it!
well if u want the kitty close to u make sure u put it
in a place where he cant see it or is unable to see where da smell is coming from put liek a flowers or bricks on top!!
if you tell your dog over over to stay a way from the spot
You should feed your dog better!
i have 2 cats buried at the bottom of my garden and they are okay,, plant a tree or a rose bush over the grave.
I don't think so if you bury it out in the woods.
Wrap the body in plastic and seal up the bag to mask the smell. Bury it at least 2.5 feet deep. The dog shouldn't be able to smell it then.

Sorry for your loss.
IT Happened to my kitty so I done what someone else said reburried it really really deep and then out a tree on the top.
If you dig a hole 4foot down & place a slab on top this should deter not only your dog but Foxes which do dig.
Our dog dug up our dead rabbit and was running around in the back garden with it. The whole episode traumatised my brother! I guess try and bury it really deep, wrap it or box it and put stones over the top.
when i buried my pets i always put a stone or a really heave rock over them to stop me dog digging em up
Sorry for your loss but unless you dig deep there is a chance
sorry to here that bury it deep and put pepper or somthing nasty on the spot to stop dog digging
build a fence around the burial of your cat. that way your dog can't get through
No if you dig the whole deep enough and dont take the dog out with you.wrap your little cat in something, you could plant a bush or rose in your cats memory, good luck.
Your dog shouldn't do anything like that. We have buried numerous pets below my house from when I was a kid and teen. Normally we would take a sheet or something to wrap our pets in. Then, depending on the size of the animal we would usually get a cardboard box to put them in. If you don't have a box big enough, at least try to wrap it up in a sheet to keep from getting dirt on your pet. Then dig a whole deep enough and big enough to put them in and be able to have enough left above where the box or if no box, you can have about 6 inches of dirt covering them. If need be, you can also try to get small gravel to put over the entire grave or some riverrock (bigger rocks) to put around as kind of a border. But no, we've never had any problems with our dogs trying to dig them up. And they would generally be down there with us as we would bury them.kind of a "I know what is going on" type thing. I'm sorry for your loss. I know how this can hurt.
Bury your dog alive with it so you dont have to worry
Animals understand death, but they adapt to it differently than we do. If your dog is upset by the cat's death, it might dig it up to let you bring the cat back to life (you feed them & look after them; it's a natural thought that you might be able to make them better).

You should let the dog see the dead cat. If it's upset, comfort and soothe it, and let it see that you're sad, but not trying to change anything. Talk to the dog about this; some people think that dogs can understand the words, but your body language and tone of voice can communicate the stuff you're saying too.

You might need to do this several times, but you will see a change in the dog's behaviour when it 'gets used to' the cat being
'not alive any more'.

Gather the cat's stuff together, maybe put the other stuff in its basket or bed, and cover them up with a cloth. The dog might try to uncover them, or take them to the cat; then you know it hasn't adjusted yet.

Or it might lie down like it's guarding them, or go to sleep with its head on the basket, so that you know it understands that the cat won't be using them any more.

I hope this helps; you might want to bury the cat very securely also, just in case. You both need a way to adapt to the departure.
You have to dig the hole deep enough, about three feet so the dog can't detect scent. Planting something over it, like someone else said would be a good idea and you'd have it to look at and remember your kitty by. Sorry you lost such an important friend.
not if u put it in a towel in 2 a box dats wat i did wif ma cat poor fing
but the kitty in like a cereal box and decorate it and then like burry it and the dog won't dig it up. If he does but bricks around it.
Sorry to be so practical at a sad time but you have to bury it at least 3 ft.
I don't know about your dog digging it up but just to warn you in some countries it's illegal to bury your pet in your back yard.
sorry about your loss, the fact that he was only a kitty shocks me so.

I know he is being looked after by God


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