What does it mean when cats touch noses?

To show affection, people kiss, hold hands, hug, smile, and touch.

To show affection, cats touch noses, rub against each other (and us), purr, meow, and sit next to or very near us. Cats are very loving, very tactile animals .. and they communicate a great deal by physical touch and contact.. that is why they love to be petted, love to sit on our laps, and rub up against our legs.

Sometimes my kitten crawls up on me and licks my nose . it is pretty sweet, all things considered.

Happy purrs to you..
it means there turning into eskimos
they're seeing what the other had for lunch.at least thats what i think lol
it is a sign of affection. this is pretty much the best it gets for cats showing how much they love you or each other.
they are doing what dogs do, the emit pheromones thru the glands near the nose to become familiar with other cats
They are friends. Aah, bless:)
It means 'Honey, I'm ready! What about you?
either he smells something or the has a flea or itch
My guess is that they are greeting one another.
It's how they greet each other and identify each other.

They do it with their people too.
That's a kitty hello, I'd like to get to know you and vice versa.

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