Do cats still have the urge to have sex once they're fixed?

Yes I have stray females around and my neutered male has chewed a huge hole in a screen so he can get to them.
I don't believe so..we have boys and girl cats and they are all fixed and they never try to romp each other...
Unfortunately some do. Not as often as before fixing but our cat was fixed 3 years ago and occaisionally he still tries to hump people or the covers.
No because you are taking the things that make them want to have sex out. So it go buh-bye
Not if it's done when they are young and inexperienced. The surgery removes the hormones--thus the urge as well.

Older cats may have some trouble because they have learned the behaviour & want to continue even if they don't have the urge.

(hmmm, reminds me of some MEN I know)
Maybe if you buy them dinner, a few drinks, and bring flowers ?
I think not.. BUT I imagine it might also depend on how old they were when you go them fixed.
they shouldn't and most likely won't there is however a 1% chance they still may
yes. when a man gets a vasectomy, does that make him want to stop having sex? NO. when a woman gets a hysterectomy, does she want to stop? NO. its no different; they are only taking out what reproduces. a male cat can still spray after hes fixed; i know this from experience!! all they are doing is a little snip snip for the males (just as a human) and either tying the tubes, or basically doing a hysterectomy for females (just as in humans). it does not take away the urge. also, i know from experience, my neutered male has been feeling a bit "frisky" lately and wanting some action form our 2 females... so believe me, i know!! LOL
Listen to me -- I know FIRST HAND!

My male cat was fixed AFTER maturity and still tries to breed my spayed females. He goes through the motions and even becomes erect! Unfortunately, my male cat's desire didn't completely go away.

Now, for the females -- my older female smacks the male upside the head from making moves on her. She had a litter of kittens (rescued her when she was pregnant) and was spayed when she was about a year old. She has NO INTEREST WHATSOEVER!

My younger female was spayed after her first heat -- six months or so. She is totally in love with the male and flags and teases him still. She stands for him to -- shall we say -- "groom" her in certain areas. She enjoys the nibblings and groomings on her ears and other areas, purring and rubbing on him.

My answer is that it depends on several factors:
1) their sexual maturity upon neutering/spaying
2) other cats in the house
3) their disposition before the neutering/spaying

And probably more.

It is possible for them to still feel the urge, though, after being spayed/neutered. Hormones are produced throughout the endocrine system, not just the sexual organs. So, the answer is that YES, it is possible.

By the way, Sarah (answerer above me), a vasectomy is a disconnection of the vasa deferentia (the tube through which the sperm are carried). When male cats are neutered, their testes are completely removed within the scrotum. BIG difference. Ask any human male! A male cat being neutered is like a human male being castrated (having his testicles completely removed!). Humans are a bit different than cats in regard to procreation and cycles. When a woman menstruates, it is caused by a huge dip in her hormone levels. This is when the egg leaves the body. When a cat has her mensus, this is when the eggs are released into the uterus and she has an increase of hormones and the need to breed.
Not to patronize -- just correcting some misinformation.
Yes they do...
Nice simple answer...
Unlike them above
My goodness...
It depends on how old they were when they got fixed. If they got fixed at a younger age then they shouldn't have the urge but if they got fixed at an older age then they probably still do. But all cats are different so it depends on your cat.
yes we have 2 who try to hump the covers on the bed or our legs

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