Should cats eat spinach?

my cat loves spinach, he trys to take it off my plate if its part of my meal.

he also likes cooked peppers.

is he ok to eat these vegs?
Hi, I don't see why not, they put a small amount of vegetables in cat food these days. My cat Bobbie loves potato peelings, and if i leave a bag of potatoes unattended he takes a bite out of each potato, he was 10 yesterday so vegetables havent done him any harm. It always makes me smile when i hear of cats eating vegetables because everyone thinks they only eat meat, a change is as good as a rest.
Cats should not eat vegetables at all. They are carnivores and need only meat. Canned cat foods w/o gravy are best
spinach yes peppers no.oy please canned cat food damages teeth. and actually the best cats foods have veggies. so yeah.
I think so. Cats like greens. Just don't give him too much.
I reckon the spinach would be quite good for him. Ask your vet if in real doubt.
shouldn't see why not - better than fatty stuff
I would avoid the peppers. It often causes upset stomachs in people, so I'm pretty sure the risk is high, in your feline friend, as well.

Because spinach has one of the highest vitamin E to calorie ratios, it's also a good source of vitamin E and selenium for overweight dogs and cats.
Your cat should really only eat cat food.Dog food is not even good for a cat to eat, because cats need taurine and dog food doesn't contain taurine. Dry food is best, it is better for their teeth also. Human food can cause problems for your cat. Alot of times it will make them sick, as in having diarrhea. I have had a cat that has had its anal glands infected. Seems my vet said this can happen from table food or maybe even moist cat food. I don't give my animals table food, only dry food. Ever now and then for a treat i will give a bit of moist.
I think you should ask your vet, to why not give him a cat food that has veggies in it that there suppose to have.
Sure! He eats grass and catnip! Greens are good for him. Peppers depend on what kind -- Chili's - NO, Bell peppers - a little bit is fine, but not as good as the spinach.

PS - I had a dog one time that would just sit and cry till we gave him a piece of cucumber! Go figure - guess they know what they like. Just think about it this way - animals KNOW what they need and what won't hurt them, otherwise we would have a lot of dead animals in the wild eating plants.
honestly can't imagine what harm it could do him in small quantities. But probably best to ask your vet next time you're there. One of our cats likes 'human food' but the others aren't much interested unless it's roast chicken.
My spoiled cats and dogs love spinach too. They take after me and love their green veggies. I let them have most veggies once in a while as a treat.

As long as it's just a treat, it's fine. Cats must have meat in their diet.

The Cat Lady
Occassional spinach or other leafy greens is good for the cat, just not as a regular diet. Some cats like to eat some very strange things. Had a cat that loved black olives. Another loved green beans. I have three cats right now and one likes crackers, the other bread and the third, well, he'll eat just about anything. Spinach, Lettuce, green beans, cabbage, pumplkin bread, tomato, rice, cucumber, green pepper, and he LOVES grapes, nectarines and begs for banana. He eats strawberries, yams, spider plants, african violets and houseplants and feather toys. He eats pizza, chinese food , bird food, peanut shells, and ortega chiles. He usually eats jack cheese and sometimes flour tortillas. He got up on the counter once and started munching down on avocado, which is NOT good for him at all! He likes chips, but not crackers and only sometimes will he eat bread. I'm sure there's more. I use him as a conversation piece. My sister came over and I dropped some lettuce on the floor and called the cat. She was perplexed. I said "watch, he'll eat it!" sure enough, he did. I gave him a piece of tomato and she watched in awe as he at that too and look up at me waiting for something else. he doesn't eat cilantro. He does, however, eat a no grain cat food that is expensive and very good for him. But, my cat is a bit short on brain cells I think. There's not much going on behind those beautiful golden eyes. He's orange, very large, but not fat and he's my healthy baby!
Only with a knife and fork.
cat need meet to be healthy,... don't overfeed him veg!
Cats are also known to munch on grass, leaves, shrubs and houseplants to facilitate regurgitation of whatever may be upsetting their digestion; or perhaps to introduce fibre or trace minerals to the diet."so it's probably a sign that the cat food you are feeding him is too low in fiber"
Cats are obligate carnivores, and cannot live on an unsupplemented vegetarian diet because they cannot synthesize several required nutrients which are absent or rare in plant food. This applies mainly to taurine, vitamin A (cats cannot convert the pro-vitamin A that is abundant in plants to vitamin A proper) and to certain fatty acids. The absence of taurine causes the cat's retina to slowly degenerate, causing eye problems and (eventually) irreversible blindness, a condition called macular degeneration.
perhaps it's better not to give him peppers, just in case.

you should avoid giving him any salty food. cook some saltless spinach for him if you are going to give him more than a very small amount.

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