Cat getting hurt in fight by other cats - happens often?

My cat stays inside every day but goes out at night. Almost 2 times a week we hear this big meowing and hissing and hear our cat fighting with another cat. Our cat is a girl and gets scared and gets beat up and shaken up in these fights. We know where the other cat lives. Should we tell our neighbors to do somthing to this cat? What should we do so this doesn't happen again? Thanks for your help!!
This happens from time to time with our cat too. Not twice a week, but more often than we'd like our cat comes home with a puncture wound or scratches, especially on his ears. These can be serious because an infection can set it and the cat can get sick. So far we've been lucky. The thing about your neighbor's cat, unlike dogs, even domestic cats are relatively feral when it comes to going outside at night. Reasonably, your neighbor's cat has as much right to go out as yours does. If you do have a cat door, after your cat has been in a fight you should lock it for a few days. She may drive you crazy wanting to get out, but keep a litter box for her by the cat door (or wherever you keep it) and give her scratches and injuries at least a chance to close up before letting her out again. Maybe she will learn to avoid this cat because of the consequences of being locked in (IF she makes that connection, and that's a bit IF). But for her own sake, she could get really hurt one of these days. Either that or they will work it out.
Why do you let your cat go out at night knowing she'll get into fights?
Its what cats do they fight and sometimes they can get infected with cyst don't think theres much you can do they are doing what they do.
I think that I would keep my cat inside. This would certainly solve your problem.
Cats are territorial. This is natural behaviour. If your cat gets beat up it is her fault for straying into the other cats territory. Unfortunately, in suburbia, if a lot of cats are in the same area, your cat will have to fight for its own territory. Cats at night hunt and kill little creatures(like me !). Pound for pound they are the most efficient, deadly killer on the planet. Keep it inside, or at least have 2 bells on the collar(they learn to compensate for the ring of only one bell. clever things, cats).
So, you send your cat into harm's way every night?
I'm sorry, that makes no sense.

If you can't keep her indoors, make her a safe enclosure outside that will protect her

Talking to the neighbor is pointless, they are just as clueless as you. After all, they send their cat out to fight every night too, don't they.

Keep your cat inside. There is nothing your neighbor can do to stop your cat from fighting with his cat. Spanking a cat will not make it less territorial. I am sure your cat is not the victim in this, as it probably leaves your property at night. Your cat is your responsibility. You want it to stop you keep your cat in.
WHY are you letting your cat out at night knowing she will get hurt? Keep her INSIDE and let her out for short times during the day instead.
I would let your cat out during the day rather than at night, because predators are more likely to be out at night than during the day, and maybe she won't fight with the other cats then.
Nothing short of keeping your cat indoors all the time.Once a cat gets outside it will always want outside and look for any way to do it. Cats do not need a license to run free so there is nothing you can do .
Cats are territorial and this is a common thing. They will get into fights when another cat enters their territory. They will hiss and growl to hopefully scare the intruder off(just to avoid the fight.) It can be worse if a cat is in heat and males fight over the female. It is always best to try and keep your cat indoors. Cat fights can be serious at times and injuries can happen. You would hate to take your cat to the Vet with a infected wound resulting from a cat fight. Talking to the owner may or may not help. They would have to keep their cat indoors as well to keep the two from fighting.
A just don't let the cat out.
it could be any cat...not just your neighbors. some street cat may be trying to rape your poor kitty. id keep her inside.
Ok first, if you know that your cat goes out at night and gets hurt in fights, then I would not let her out anymore. Second, is your cat spayed? She may be fighting off a male cat. As for the other cat, it has just as much right to be out at night as does your cat. When you say "should we tell our neighbors to do something to this cat?" what do you mean? If you do not want this to happen again then keep your cat inside.
I know this sounds horrible, but just because you keep your cat inside doesnt mean ANYTHING. from what i've learnt from my little kitty is that if a feral or stray or territorial cat wants to eat your kitty bad enough it will, AND it will find a way of getting to it, no matter how hard.
my cat is 6 months old, and has been in countless attacks, even though she is a strictly indoor cat. this feral cat around the area jumps through our windows, waits at the door until we go out and then sneaks through. basically to keep our kitty safe we would have to be complete prisoners in our house, and never leave. unfortunately some cats just are like that. the only thing i can suggest to you is to call your local council (depending on what city or state you live in) and if not, confront the owner, and tell them that if it continues, that you will set perfectly legal traps in your backyard and they'll have to fetch them from the pound at their expense.
But at the end of the day you should really do the right thing and keep your kitty indoors at night. if you ABSOLUTELY have to, let it out during the day instead, as it has MUCH less chance of getting attacked, and keep your precious kitty indoors at night. cause its not only cats you need to watch out for attacking your cat, its dogs, possums etc. as well
Our cat loves to go outside. He always has. He visits neighbors (yes, really), hunts, (no, I don't like this) and lays on the sidewalk to sun himself. He also does not like to use the litter box, but would much rather use the fresh ground, and gets rather irritable if he doesn't go outside for all of these things, especially the later. If we kept him inside, he would be irritable and terribly unhappy. I DO NOT, however, let him outside at night. He would love to go outside at night, but I know there are far too many dangers for cats at night, in comparison to during the daytime. We take our risks allowing him outside during the day and, yes, he is neutered. But at night, he could even more easily get hit by a car, be injured by an unneutered cat staking territory, get into fights with nocturnal wild animals such as skunks / raccoons / possums / other, among other risks I may not know about. I allow him to enjoy things cats do during the day, outside, but I have decided that the risks far outweight the benefits of allowing him outside at night. (Just look for questions about injured cats, outside, for more info.) Keep her inside at night, and get her spayed if she is not already spayed.

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