How can tell the difference between a she and he cat?

The he cat has balls!
The ''holes'' in the genital area will be wide apart on a tom cat. The ''holes'' ona female will be closer together. Or u can always ask a vet.
One has a hanging pair of nuts! The other doesnt...
When they are kittens it's darned difficult without searching. Adult female cats are fairly obvious to spot when they put their tail vertical. Looking for testicles is not an option with a neutered adult male.
Lift up the tail!
My girl cat has long, fluttery eyelashes but i don't think that's a scientific way of telling!
Flip the cat over and check out the rear of the cat a set of balls means its a male none and its female.
best ask your mum or dad if you do not know the difference between male and female anatomy
Ask it!!
Right this is a tricky one to answer and im trying not to offend so i will be as careful as possible! Apart from the obvious with boys i.e.the scrotum which is not always visible, if you lift up their tails the top is their bottom hole and if the next hole is very close to the bottom hole it is a girl, if there is a space between the bottom hole and the next one it is a tom. Hope that helps you and i hope i haven't offended anyone with the way i described that.
lift the tail males have balls and females don't
by looking at their autonomy
when you look there if the shape if it is a upsidedown heart with two wholes you have your female but you have to see the balls of the male they are noticialble\
As a cat lover (I have four) the youngest a boy who was born in October of last year. Unless you really know cats or are a vet you usually cant tell when they are just born but as they get bigger you will notice that the genital area on boy cats will start to have a pronounced separation like they are forming into 2 separate ball sacks where girl cats genital area stays the same as when they were first born. I hope this is understandable for you. Pet's rule have your pets spayed and/or neutered to prevent the cruelty to unwanted animals. All of mine were rescued and are the coolest.
As everyone else has said, the space between the anus and genitals is wider in a male. The testicles, if they are visible, are located just under the anus. Here's a diagram to help:
Also, the genitals of the female look like a slit, and the male's looks like a hole.
I always lift the tail and look for a dot or a dash a dot is the boys version and the dash is the girls
if you don t know that i am worried
Think about it. .. . . It's pretty easy to tell...
He cat = bollocks

She cat = minge
what if the cats is neutered ? i think thats whats he meant
I didn`t know the sex of my two kittens until we gave them a bath (grubby). We asked for two males when we were buying them so they wouldn`t mate when they were older and ended up with 6 kittens!! Don`t worry. Both cats have been spayed and de-knackered now, and 5 kittens went to good homes of people we knew. Last kitten couldn`t find home for so we kept it. Always get your cat neutered.
if you look near the tail the male cat has a bump
this is the scrotal sac
very small in kittens
the rest in in the fur
males tend to be bigger and more independent and feisty

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