Why the heck does my cat like to sleep across my neck. His butt seems to end up in my face (gross),?

and he drools ALOT! Is this normal?
It can mean one of two things, either your cat is liking your head because your body heat escapes there, or It is usuallly a sign that the cat loves you. The closer they get to sleeping on your head or near your chest shows that they long having you as their human..
Maybe you can flip him over so his tushy isn't in your face.
I don't know if the drooling is normal or not, but cats seem to like to be as close to your face as possible, for some reason.
Yup - he's a normal cat. He likes to sleep across your neck because your head and neck have the greatest blood supply, so that's generaly where you're warmest! Just shift his backside to one side; he'll get the message in time.
its a comfort thing for him and as far as the drooling..they are not so different from humans.LOL

Once he is asleep he probably doesn't even know he's drooling but you obviously do.

Yes it's very normal for a cat to want to sleep there and the drooling is normal too. First, this is a very warm spot on you and cats love the warmest spot. Second, he loves you and thinks you're his Mommy, so he is sleeping on the part of you that most resembles the part of his Mommy he liked best as a baby.

Most cats will head for the warmest spot, and they seem to able to find the heat really quickly, so the way to train him so sleep elsewhere on your bed is to slip a heating pad under the top cover at the spot you want the cat to sleep on, then get in bed, and when kitty comes and gets on your neck, gently pick him up and put him on that spot and pet him there and keep him there for a while. Keep doing this and eventually it will work.

Good Luck.

(lol) it is because he loves you, and yes,kitty slobbers are comon
Yeah, I have met a few drooly cats. My cats like to sleep on my neck too. I think its warm or comforting or something.
HAHA my cat does the exact same thing. say if im laying down on the floor, minding my own business then all of a sudden my cat will practically lay his lower back/butt region on my face. its cute but gross because hes mostly an outside cat and i definately dont want a butt in my face!

now that he has gotten older (17 in human years!) he drools alot, especially when he is comfortable so i have to wipe his mouth sometimes lol.

so yes, i would say this is normal.

You might want to have the drooling checked. My cat slept UNDER my neck for years. I never knew how she did it, I would wake up and my pillow would be on the floor and she would be under my head.
That's because cats love to cuddle with people and sleeping across the neck actually keeps them warm. I guess you've gotta keep shifting your cat back to a proper position and very soon it'll get the message that sleeping with it's butt up your face is wrong. ;)

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