Why does my cat keep hold of chewing up pacifiers and bottle nipples?

She wont leave them alone!! She will even gain them out of the dish drainer and chew them up. I will bring home a new pack, and she will crack into the pack just to take them.

Is there something I can buy her to chew on so she will stop doing this? Why is she doing it anyways?
Answers: GRRRRRRRRRRRR... my sisters cat did this to me. I be sitting right there and she took past its sell-by date with it. i be infurriated. sadly... nearby is nothing you can do. the cat is not after them for anyother motivation then the reality your using them for something she is jealous of. It is not the cats idiosyncrasy... it is not the babys fault... not your quirk. it is a instinct. that is the individual thing she see you use for the baby. Just heep the nipples and lid setup and hooked to a bottle. If you cant hook them up... put the nipple together with the hat... and close the lid of the bottle to the cap. (so that instrument,., it is not exposed) if she does happen to steal another one... permit her have that one. dont craft a fuss over it. Infact... play with her and the torn up nipple... she might resembling it. My sisters cat... gave up... she isnt after them anymore.

Once the cat is over you person there next to the baby... she will stop. until consequently... be on high alert for the nipples and lid to disappear. she will get cunning. No tell stories... my sisters cat took one from next to my leg... i did not observe till she tore it up. I lost a whole 6 pack. I be using dr. browns... those are not cheap. Like 6$ for 6 nipples. I wanted to shoot her.!

P.s. she would take them from a sink full of soapy river too!!
milk, baby take bopttle then get pacifier and leaves scent of milk on it. cats like it
She know that they are special. No one uses them but the baby.
My guess is she like the way it feel to chew on rubber, because a new pack would not on the other hand have the smell of milk. I have a dog that really enjoyed anything quality newspaper that he could chew on and I covered or blocked the garbage and bathroom tissue. Animals can't communicate so you may never understand her behavior. You can try switching to a rubber chew toy that can accomplishment as a subsitute when you see her going after the pacifier. Generally, cats do not swallow objects like a puppy so choking may not be as much of a concern but you inevitability to consider that and protect her. Good luck!
you need to receive a special bag or box for your pacifiers and maintain them way course way path way process up high surrounded by a sealed box
cats simply like to play and chew on things. progress to the store and look at some cat toys.
My cat used to chew on all of our rubber nipples too. We basically ended up have to hide them within a tupperware. We think the cat chews on them because she be taken away from her mom too early and bottle feed.
She just like the way they have a feeling. To keep your cat from sneaking them out of the dish drainer, you could put a big towel over it so she can't seize to them. They'll still dry. Sticky double-sided tape on the countertop will discourage kitty from walking around on the counter, and is probably cheaper than buying modern pacifiers and bottle nipples. See if you can find something else for kitty to chew on. Even soft dog toys for small dogs would work.
We used to give my at bottle nipples to bite on when he would start biting stuff alot..they bite it because its rubber and nearby teeth are still growing in and they perceive tickely

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