Can a cat have 2 fathers?

My cat resembles both of my male cats. He has the markings and colors of one, but the nose and face of the other. I know for a fact that when my female went into heat both of the males mated with her. I know they are both fathers of the babies. Could they both be the father of my boy. He resembles both of them so much. Don't worry I did get the female spayed. There will be no more kittens.
I think everyone is getting off the actual question with the answers, the kitten does only have one father but can resemble another cat or cats as the case may be, it's all in the genes or the bloodline, possibly the kitten has has a resemblance to it's father, and perhaps it's grandfather.
No way. Science will support only one father. It can resemble by 10 but only one sperm can reproduce- either biologically or artificially.
yes it is very possible. A female cat in heat can be impregnated by two fathers.
Yes a litter can consist of multiple fathers.

A queen or female cat in heat may mate with more then one tom cat during estrus. Since the cycle lasts for an extended period of time and females continously stay in heat until impregnated, they can indeed have multiple partners:

Which results in different cats in the litter being fathered by different cats.

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*Multi-colored kitten litters will often vividly demonstrate multiple mating. Some breeders of pedigreed cats keep the queen and chosen tom together for multiple matings to ensure that pregnancy will result.*

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Once a female cat is impregnated doing it again before she gives birth will accomplish nothing. Living things can have only one biological father.
Housecats are superfecund.

Superfecundation is the fertilization of two or more eggs from the same cycle by sperm from separate acts of sexual intercourse.

That means that a female cat can be impregnated by two or more different male cats when she is in heat, so different kittens in a litter may have different fathers.

But even though you can see that there was more than one father by the coloring of the kittens, each kitten only has one father.

Probably the facial characteristics are from the grandparents of the kitten, or some other ancestor.
Times might get touchy though, with such a love triangle. Look at Anna Nicole - DNA tests, legal proceedings. etc. I hope for the best...
it is possible for a cat to have a litter of kittens with each kitten fathered by a different tom however it is imposible for ONE kitten to have more than ONE father
very possible.

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