My adult cat keeps attacking my kitten?

i had a new kitten yesterday female 12 weeks old, and i already have a 2 year old cat female. they obviously are not going to get on well at the moment until they get used to each other so they hiss and take swipes at each other, but my older cat keeps trying to grab my kitten round the throat with her mouth. is this normal/dangerous/worrying? should i separate them or leave them to it?
As long as no blood flows and no hair starts flying all over the place, don't interfere. Your older cat needs to establish his position. It's not uncommon behaviour, I've even see my mother cat doing this with her kittens if she wanted to teach them proper kitty behaviour.
Be patient, in two weeks you will see completely different behaviour- even though this might occur every once in a while.
You should keep them separated for a while. Before you introduced the kitten into your household, you should have asked a Vet's office or someone who has several cats about this. Your cat's reactions to another animal are normal -- the kitten is considered an intruder in their space, but the kitten could get hurt.

Call any Vet's office and speak to the nurse there. Tell about your dilemma, and they will tell you about keeping them separated for a few days, with a door between them, so they can just smell each other under the door. They may also suggest rubbing the kitten with a towel or blanket, and then putting it where your cat can get used to the new scent. I'm sure they will also advise you on other things, even without having to bring them into the office.

When you DO reintroduce them to each other, MAKE SURE you are in the room at all times. They will probably still hiss and swat at each other, but that is normal kittie play. But make sure the cat doesn't really attack in a major way (per your example).

Best of luck with your little fur balls of fun !
My familly has never been a big fan of the whole keeping them seperated for a few days, We almost always adopt adult cats but have a had a few kittens. All of our cats have died from old age,except one who had cancer and one who had diabetes.

When we bring a new one home we usually just put them on the living room floor in their crate for about 1 hour so the other animals can check them out, then let the new kitty roam free.

Usually there are wrestling matches and hissing. This happens because they are trying to establish the order of things. As long as there is not blood or tons of fur left behind they are fine, there is the occasional scratch mark on someone.

So just leave them to it, in 2 - 6 weeks it should subside into friendliness. Just give them space and time, and try not to intefere.
my kittens just learned to get along and ended up liking eachother..
It can take up to around 2 weeks for an adult cat to accept a new kitten, but they almost always DO learn to get along, most of the time becoming good friends.

Your older cat is just trying to teach the little one who's boss, wich actually she has to do if they are ever going to get along and become friends.

As long as your adult is not honest-to-goodness seriously hurting the kitten, I wouldn't interfere. Best to let them work it out. But keep an eye out, definitely!!

I have never had a problem with an adult cat accepting a new kitten within a couple weeks, despite the hissing, swatting, etc.. that happens during those first few days. I adopted a new kitten when my cat was 2, and she acted nasty to him, but now they are best friends.
i think it's completely natural for the other cat to want to "play" with the kitten. i would suggest making sure that you are giving both cats the same amount of attention. i know that our older cat kind of protested the new kitten becuase the kitten was getting all of the attention, from everyone. THe older one seemed a bit jealous, and once we started giving her the same amount of attention as the new one, she stopped attacking him (and us).

good luck, and hope this helps! :]
we have 2 cats and when my cat died i went to by a new one and when i got home and put the new kitten on the floor my cat started to attack my 4 week old kitty. Cat will attack other cats or kittens to protect there property. your cat is attacking your kitten because your cat was there first. they will fight until they accept each other.

separating your cat and your kitten will NOT come to a solution it will not help your problem. just let them fight just make sure they don't draw any blood or make any hole in there skin. it can take time for your cats to like each other. you have to be real patient. when my cats fighted i was thinking that they wheir never going to stop but now it makes a year there togetter and they play and groom each other. keep a close eye on your cats ans make sure there okay.

just remember do not separate your cats it wont help! trust me on this.

hope your cats will soon be friends

bye and good luck

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