Can i clean my cat's eye with hydrogen peroxide?

seem to have a low grade infection
No No No No No No Noooooooo!! There are antibiotic eye ointments for eye infections. Do NOT use peroxide on anything's eyes, for crying out loud!!! Do not treat any eye problems without a Vet's advice and guidance!!
I would ask your vet to be safe.

Edit: If it is like a tear stain you can you get warm water and add a little salt(soak the rag in it) to it and then wash your cats eyes. I do that for my dog Duke when he gets tear stains. Plus it also says that in a book.
Sure if you want to burn them out. Go see vet for perscription eye drops before you kill the poor cat.
No! That is for topical use only! Do not put it inside things like eyes.
No! Please talk to a vet don't stick something in the poor creature's eye unless its is approved by a licensed vet. You may blind the little kitty.
No way...they make eye washes for pets...its so much safer
I wouldn't do it. Try taking him to the vet.

OMG NO. Go to a vet moron.
not normally advisable, I suppose the bottle doesnt say avoid contact with eyes for no reason.
Yeah, and you could use battery acid too, but the poor cat isn't going to like either one. Use water..
No peroxide in the eye. The vet will have the right ointment. Call animal rescue groups, they may have extra ointment that you could use. Peroxide is a big mistake, don't do it. If you want to call the zoo or the university, they may have advice.
I wouldn't recommend it. If you're talking about an infection/wound on the outside of the eye.. if you made a real dilute solution it wouldn't necessarily hurt - but I wouldn't put hydrogren peroxide - diluted or not - directly into anything's eye.
OMG! NO! That could make it go blind! Go see your vet ASAP.
no, use a saline eye can buy it over the counter at any pharmacy.
Holy crap, no.
No, if you read the bottle, it is for topical use only. Do not put this in your cats eyes.

Take your cat to the vet and get her properly treated. It is the responsible thing to do as a pet owner.
absolutely not. You would cause much more damage than good. Some minor infections are viral (like a cold in your eye) and resolve on thier own. Wipe the goo out of the corner of kitties eyes with a warm washcloth but don't rub the eyeball you will damage the cornea, it is very delicate.
Call a vet.
You should call your vet on this matter to be safe.
No! I think that can make them go blind! Call your vet and ask them what to use. You can probably get some eye medicine (for cats) for your cat!
nothing makes pouring hydrogen peroxide into a cat's eye funny, not even doom music.
Yes just mix it 50/50 with warm water ust a *wash cloth to clean because the *rough* texture of the terry cloth will help to remove any of the substance that has become dried/crusty. You may want to put some mineral oil or petroleum jelly in the eye as well provided both products are sterile and haven't been sitting on your shelf for years.

Most eye meds are mostly mineral oil and Vaseline with a small percentage of some antibiotic added. If the infection is low grade you should see results without the *cat meds*

You can also keep the eye flushed with warm saline solution.
I would be careful because it could sting. I would get something made for her eyes to clean it with.
Mix a solution of 50% warm water and 50% hydrogen peroxide. Use a cotton ball and gently wipe the area around your cat's eye. It should help!
Best not to. When my cat had an eye infection i called the vet and the nurse told me what I can do at home. Dissolve salt in warm water and clean out the eye three times a day. I used clean cotton wool and I never dipped the used cotton wool back in the container so it was sterile. This actually worked on two kittens and two cats. It didn't work once on my cat. it got worse so i took her to the vet who gave her eye drops. The vet also said it is important to see a vet with anything to do with the eyes as it could damage their eye sight if left untreated.
Eye wash sounds the best. But personally I'm sick of vets and how much they charge. Try anything but a vet. They are almost all crooks.. If it wont claer with eye drops, then you will have to bring him in. Dont let them rip you off.

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