Why is my Mother cat hissing at 11 wk old kittens?

Mother cat is low growling and smacking kittens when they are near her. They are all fully weaned, and have been so for weeks. Mom is also very grumpy and won't let me touch her legs, hips or stomach. We have an appt in 2wks to get Mom fixed and a de-birth if necessary. I am just worried about the one kitten I am keeping. Sometimes the kittens aren't even bothering her when she goes up to them and growls. She also almost bit me when I was petting her. If she is pushing them out, how can I get her to stop.
Your cat is acting this way for two reasons

1. She is in pain.
-Giving birth and milking can be painful to a cat.

2. She is being a mom
-Being a mother isn't just about providing food, love, and warmth. It is also about discipline, showing where they stand, and giving them a little push to make their offspring independent. Mama cat is showing tough love basically.

Try to keep the kitties separate from mom until you can get her treatment for what's ailing her. Understand that mama cat will continue to be dominant over her kitten and may hiss or slap at it to keep it in line.
Sounds like mama isn't feeling too well. Keep her isolated in a quiet room away from the kittens and try to get your appointment with the vet moved up so she can have a check up. After she's healed up from spaying, she'll feel much better and shouldn't be so grouchy with the kittens.
She's territorial. It's her animal instinct. Put the kittens in a room and let the momma cat smell them under the door for a day or two. She just needs to accept them and this takes time. It rarely happens right away and face to face.
I tell ya.CATS ARE EVIl!
puuurrrhaps she has a puncture?
Has she gotten out and gotten pregnant? How long ago did they wean off her? She could be sore from milk production going down.as for her angry behavior that is sorta weird, she could be in some sort of pain and it's making her very grouchy. Is there anyway you can get her into the vet earlier? Maybe she has a infection, are her teats swollen and hard, that could mean mastitus...lots of reasons. I would take her to the vet as soon as you can, keep the kitten still she should get over her grouchiness soon if it's a internal problem bothering her...the kitten will learn to keep it's distance when moms growling ect. If she starts going after kittens in a aggressive way I would lock her away from them in a different room.
She may not feel well or she doesn't want them near her 'cause they may be tryin' to be too dependent on her.
cats are very territorial, so even if they are her own babies she will feel they are invading her space, they get really jealouse, and also theres a chance shes pregnant again so she doesnt want the kittens, I would recomend you to ask your vet about what to do, good luck
fully weaned kittens ned to be away from mom..they will still try to suckel and bother her . see if you can get in earlier to the vet sounds like she has something else going on.i am glad you are getting her fixed and after recovery she should be intrduced to the kitten you are keeping .i volunteer at our pound and you would not believe the litters o f kittens an cats they have to be put asleep daily due to over flow. i commend you on your decision.its the right thing and there chances of cancer and other problems is greatly reduced
well some times if u touch the kittins the mama dosent reconize there scent so she fells like she dosent no them. so now she dose nott want them. :(

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