Why does my cat lick the couch?

We bought new (microfiber) furniture about a month ago and my cat has taken to profusely licking the top of the back pillows. He also licks the carpet in places where food wouldn't have been dropped (the top of the stairs; outside my bathroom). A few years back, he used to lick our old comforter, but stopped just as suddenly as he started. What is going on?
sounds like self stimulation... just like a baby or toddler may such his thumb. some people shake their leg up and down, or tap their fingers on the table, or click their pen - all self stimulation. some cats kneed. many cats who kneed and suck do so because they were separated from their mothers before they were completely weened... this is the cause for self-stimulating behaviors. sounds to me like your cat licks... if it's really a problem... you can try putting cayanne pepper where he licks - but he will hate it... and may find another place to lick. self stimulation usually isn't an easy behavior to change.
Maybe it tastes good?

Have you tried it? Ya never know

lol, I know a perfect match for her. My friend's aunts little dog dosen't stop licking. She keeps that tounge going non stop and licks everything in sight.

Maybe your cats just like that or shes after something...I don't know what. I don't think they seek salt like other animals...
Hmmm! Sometimes my eldest cat licks the carpet or floor, but I figure it's because there might be a crumb of food or something... Pretty funny! Maybe that's the case for your cat?
The cat is bored, if you spent more time with him, playing, and so forth, he would slow down on doing that.
Maybe it feels good on his tongue?
Because it probably smells like fish...?
I Love cats but they can be strange. I have no idea.
Some cats are known as "wool suckers", They were weened from their mothers too soon and they develop this thing about chewing or licking or sucking on fabrics, I had a cat that even ate fabric, those are the ones you really have to watch because they can get a bowel obstruction. I don't know how you would stop it. EDIT I read that in Cat Fancy magazine.
Sometimes they just like the smell.
Just watch that he is not ingesting any of the fibers or he could develope digestive problems.

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