Why does my kitten not like to cuddle, but likes to be around me?

I have a 9 week old kitten and my husband and I have had her here for a week. She loves to be around people, but she hates to be held and cuddled. She runs around the apartment like a nutcase, so I know she's not shy or scared or anything of the sort. She insists on playing the whole time she's awake. Occassionally she'll look at you and meow, but there seems to be no point to it. I've had cats for quite sometime, but none ever acted like she does. All my cats before loved to be around people and didn't run when you tried to pick them up. Like right now she's sleeping beside the keyboard, but if I pick her up she's gonna get cranky. She doesn't hiss or anything, but she struggles until you let go. When we go to bed she has to be right there in bed with us, however that's not always fun either becuase in the dark she'll bat at you eyes (which no other cat I've had has ever done either). I just can't figure her out.

Thanks for any help!
just cuddle her anyway :-P

i have 2 cats, both pretend to hate being cuddled but deep inside i know they love it. (Like 12yr olds embaressed about their moms.)

i kiss and hug my cats all the time, sometimes they run away but when they're sleepy or bored they'll "accidentally" cuddle up to me. really annoying when i'm trying to do something. :-)

domesticated cats do need to get used to human contact & it does take a while, don't restrain her & avoid waving ur hands at her when ur disiplining her. soon she'll start connecting your hands with love, treats & cuddles rather then restraint, threats, jabs & vets(she might have been handled alot after being born).
This is quite normal for a cat. None of my cats want to be held. One of my cats will allow me to hold her, but only if I am standing up and she's sprawled over my shoulder and still not for very long. Your kitten is still young and the only thing on its mind is chasing "prey". Still, you must understand that cats pretty much own you. They only want to be held or pet at their discretion and when they allow you to. Although, that doesn't mean they don't love you, it just means they never forgot they were once worshiped as gods.
we have 2 cats
our oldest, 2yo male, hates to be held, just likes to be near us and to be pet when he feels like it
our youngest, under 1yo fem, looooves to be held, loved on - whatever you want to do her pretty much
it's just their personality. some are more independent than others
they pick and choose their human contact...
shes a kitten all they want to play, just like you when you were a kid. and some cats dont like to be held, i have one that loves to cuddle but hates being picked up and another that just hides under the bed all day
most cats dont like to be held. I have the same kind of cat. She was 7 weeks old when we got her. She was the same way, liked to be around but didnt like to be held. I would start early and try to get her used to be being held. Pick her up, pet her, talk to her, let her cry for a little while. just keep talking to her. When you know she really cant take it anymore, slowly place her down on the floor and let her go. So she knows that your not trying to hurt her. She could have grown up in a difficult situation. Maybe with children who constantly had to pick her up and lock her up in a baby stroller 24/7. She may not have been socialized well. Just continue to try what I suggested. My cat eventually got used to being held, cause she knew that I would hold her for a couple minutes and I would put her down. She still doesnt love it, but it has gotten a lot better. Its gonna take some time. Good Luck!
well this is from personnel experince of having lots of cats and over the years you recognize that some cats just hate to be touched for cats they hate to be told what to do so they hate to be controlled and holding them is controlling them so its probably just an issue that he has but dont worry we have one cat right that will lay on you and purr and cuddle you for hours but our other cat only sleeps in my room spits at my sister and you dont even see her during the day becuase she cannot stand anymore then one person in the house at a time but what is really weird if turn our stereo on really loud she will lay in front of that speaker and got to sleep so its just personality becuase cats are very picky animals!
I think your cat is just wild.
My kitten also bats me in my eyes when i'm sleeping. Either that or he'll put his paw under my nose so he can feel me breathing and then scratch my nose. He likes to sit on me when i'm watching tv and fall asleep and he cuddles up to me all the time. I think ur cat is prolly just one of those cats that don't like to be picked up etc. You can try get him used to it by doing it a little each day for a week and then a little more for a week and carry on like that till he doesn't mind it so much. Try not to overdo it tho. Good luck.
A) she was adopted a tad bit early - so she could not learn her full set of kitty manners. you are dozens of times bigger than she is - if you are reaching from above they perceive it as a threat - predator\prey thing

B) you need to teach her that REALLY good things come from your hands. rub your hands together with a piece of kibble between the palms.then if she lets you pick her up and hold her gently and give her that piece of kibble...
Then let her free to wander. do this a few times and eventually lengthen how long you hold before producing kibble.

The kibble scent on the palms works for dogs and cats.especially food-driven ones!

And then again - she just may not be a kitty who can be held. I have one that tolerates a 20 - 30 second "hug" After that its teeth and nails until she is 'free'

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