Can i touch my stray cats new kittens?

i found a cat [we named her Jaxy] few weeks ago on my drivway and we found out she was pregnant. last night she just had 4 baby kittens in the bushes...shes letting me come into the bush and pet her head but am i able to pet the kittens or will jaxy freak out and never let me near the babies? if so when will i be able to touch one?
If you touch the kittens, she may reject them and then the kitten will die. Please do not touch the kittens. Cats, especially first time moms are generally not great at taking care of there babies, so keep a good watch to make sure she is not being too rough and that she is not rejecting any. After the kittens are weened, have her spayed.

At around 12 weeks, the kittens will be ready to leave for a new home. I would start looking now, and maybe just charge a small fee to keep the nuts away. Don't just dump them at a shelter. If you do decide to keep the kittens, get all the cats spayed/neutered to prevent them from breeding with each other.

I missed the part about the cats being outdoors. Call a vet to get some advice to see how to move the mom and babies inside. She can get pregnant again, and then abandon the babies, or animals can get to her and the babies. I would first get professional advice from a qaulified vet, not people on this board who could be anyone claiming to be something they are not. Phone calls are free, give a vet a call to see what your best course of action should be. Say that you plan on keeping the mom and will be brining her in to be spayed when the time is right, and I am sure you will get a lot of help. DO NOT TOUCH THOSE BABIES! The situation is so much worse if they are outside, so please do not even visit the mom too much, you don't want to scare her off from the babies.
If she is letting you close enough to pet her, she should let you pet the kittens as well, just go very slowly and watch her for signs of aggrevation. If she is willing to let you touch the babies, you should touch them often to make sure they are well socialized to humans. This will help a great deal when you find good homes for them. Good Luck
you should contact a local veterinarian, it is good to start touching them but I'm not sure how soon, the mother may reject them if u do it too soon! but once it is time for u to touch them, it is best to handle them a whole lot so they get use to people, seeing that they are born to a stray cat.
Since you have only known the stray for a couple of weeks you shouldn't pet her kittens. She might freak out and attack you. If i where you i would wait a week or two more. But remember she still might freak out and attack you because she thinks you're trying to steal her kids.
You should probably play it safe and wait a week or two before approaching the kittens. Even though the cat seems to (kinda?) trust you, she isnt yours, so she most likely wouldnt feel comfortable with you approaching her kittens.
This happened to us to. It's important, since she's obviously letting you come around her babies, to begin socializing the kittens. Do so only a little bit right now, but more as they get older.

Is there anyway you can bring them inside for the duration before you find homes for them? It is entirely possible for her to move them during the night, then you'll have five stray cats on your hands.

Also, you need to have her spayed as soon as possible. Contact your local SPCA, who'll gladly furnish you with a humane trap if you cannot get her inside your house.
First off, you may want to consider finding a low-cost spay/neuter facility, because Jaxy can become pregnant again within days of giving birth.. not good for her health or the health of her kittens (both the newborns and the unborns).

If she's comfortable with you touching them, then she won't have much a reaction to you. It's actually vital that you do touch and hold them, as otherwise they will become fearful and aggressive towards humans, and therefore difficult to rehome. If possible, you may want to see if you can convince her to come inside, where the kittens will recieve even more human contact. The more human contact they get, the better.

If she's not comfortable with you touching the kittens, then don't, as she may move them to an area where you won't find them again. It will depend on her and how much she trusts you as to when you can touch them. :-)
i would wait a few days i picked up my new kitten right away but she has been my cat since she was found in my driveway 3 years ago and this is her second kitten momma is going to need lots of food to feed 4 kittens so if you can't afford it see if someone will help you take them to the humane society. they'll find them good homes good luck
Well she might not since she just had them. SO just let her do her mother for a week then approach the cats with cautions and watch the mother cat for signs. If she is relaxed then it's ok but if she's staring at you and it seems as if she ifs going to get up or she does, and her back curves upward then stay away. But i warrn you if she seems ok but you pick the baby kitten up and drop it or hurt it in any way than the mother cat will probally not like you and neither will kitten and the mother cat will be cautios of you for a looooong time.
It is good that you are petting the momma cat, it will give her comfort, and make her trust you. . As far as petting the kittens, it is best not to handle them very much until their eyes are open, and they are walking around well on their own. The reason for the delay is that the kittens when newly born are very delicate, and can easily be hurt. Also, they would be more susceptible to picking up germs from you which could make them sick. Occasionally, a mother cat will either move her kittens, or stop caring for them, if she thinks you are touching them too much when they are so young which might not be good. Give them time to mature a bit, and then give them plenty of attention as they grow, so they will adjust well to people. You might also check with your local vet to ensure the kittens and the mother cat have no diseases.
Wait until their eyes open then handle them so they will some what imprint on you as well as the mother cat.
If she lets you close to her she should let you close to them.
She might not even be a stray, normally when cats have
babies, they go somewhere else, sometimes even miles
You should get a box and bring the mom and babies
inside! After two months try to give them away!!!
Wait till they are a couple weeks old.

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