Can a small dog impregnate a cat?

A friend of mine has this small dog who I think is confused that it's a member of the feline species that it keeps on hounding the cat as if it is the cat's protector or guardian.

One day he heard the cat screaming and discovered the dog is having sex with his cat! My friend knew the dog is successful since it took some time for the dog to disconnect from the cat. Though the dog suffered scratches on its neck and the sides which obviously came from the cat when she was being raped.

So, is it possible for a dog to impregnate the cat?
So very sorry to hear about the poor cat. :-(
Im going to have to keep an eye on my dog and cat. My Pomeranian dog, Bailey (male) is always jumping on my male cats back and pinning him, but Jasper (cat-male) doesnt seem to mind too much. He does it in a 'playfight' way, but I think our Bailey is gay. I dont want any accidents like this though. Tell your friend I am sorry
No. Dogs and cats have different numbers of chromosomes, so for the same reason that a dog cannot impregnate a human, a dog cannot impregnate a cat.
Come on... are you serious?
my cat had a catdog once i swear but it died after like an hour i swear it looked like my dog and my cat
emily p is a liar no they can not
no, it's not possible. although, it would probably be pretty cute.
No,they are totally different species.Just like a human couldn't get a sheep pregnant,neither can a dog get a cat pregnant,but you should have both animals fixed,so they can't reproduce and add to the already overwhelming number of unwanted pets.
No its not possible. Dogs do that sometimes but would really recommend that the dog gets fixed.
If the cat is feeling unwell it could mean that she now has a uterine infection. If this develops into closed pyometra her life could be at risk. She obviously needs spaying anyway, so I would get this done as soon as possible.
No, it's not possible. Dogs and cats are two different species. They cannot produce offspring because both the dog and the cat have different amounts of chromosomes in their bodies. Domesticated dogs have a total of 78 chromosomes in their body. Half is from the mother and half is from the father. Cats have a total of 38 chromosomes in their bodies. Again, half from the mother and half from the father. So dogs have 78 chromosomes, while cats have 38. To be able to produce offspring, both animals need to have the same amount of chromosomes.
Yes and no the cat will have problems the catdog die after death
I don't think so because of biology. Even if the cat became pregnant, it would be very unlikely for the baby to survive.

In Biology class (college), the instructor told us that a rat and a cat could not have an offspring together. It is not possible because of DNA.
what you said can not happen
Sorry, but I laughed a little when you said "raped"

Well just for future refrence, there's no such thing as a dat or a cog... or whatever...

And I'm sorry that the kitty passed on.. =(
aww that so sad .. i didnt think they could.
I am so sorry to hear about Lilly :(

please know it was not anyone's fault,

Was it because of the trauma from the dog??

My thoughts are with you and your friend.
no, no and no

Only animals of the same species can have a baby. The order of classifications are kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species. We are labeled by our genus and species:
Homo sapien

A cats is Felis silvestris catus
The dogs is Canis lupus familiaris

This scientifically proves that it is impossible for the dog to impregnate the cat. So don't worry!
I had a female rabbit (who was about 5 months) hump my female cat (3 years). The cat got creeped out, but they didn't get hurt and continued their friendship.

It is just hormones, and no, the cat cannot get pregnant. It is the rules of biology.

I am so sorry about Lily, it is very sad news.

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