Is it OK for my cat to eat ham/bacon?

I have a 4 month old kitten, he's well, active and a good eater. I'm trying to introduce him to different types of food (in very small portions and in addition to his normal pet food) so that he won't be 'fussy' (and because it's nice to give them a 'treat' everynow and then). I've done lots of research and know the foods that are dangerous to cats - onions, chocolate etc. I've never read anything about ham, yet my friend says she doesn't feed her two cats 'pig based products' because she read it was bad for them. Incidentally, I gave my kitten a little bit of ham and he LOVED it.

What do you reckon?
i think if you have very small ( i mean tiny) portions of ham cut into tiny pieces i think this will be alright. Try not to use bacon or chicken cos this is quite tough and hard for kittens to digest. Abit of advise, i had 2 kittens last year, they r now a year old btw ! just take loads of pictures of him and you when he is young, because they will grow so quickly and u wont have anything to remeber them by, just thourght id say, good luck and to the little kitten aswell, sounds lovely
no it will get your cat sick
ham not bacon ull kill a cat with too much salt and fish cats love fish
yeah, but don't give it too much. if they are allergic don't give it to them. but if you're gonna give them pork, make sure is well cooked because just like us, cats can pick up parasites from meat.
sure, nothing will happen to your kit, just imagine what a feline will normally eat in wild life...
While I can't imagine that pork should be bad for cats...

Salt probably is. In large quantities.

All animals need salt, just not too much, and both ham and bacon are really high in salt.
no definetly not my vet told me no
Think of this as you would candy for children. It is fine as a treat but treats should make up less than 10% of his diet.
Never feed your cats/dogs pork products. They cannot digest it. If they eat too much of it, they can die. Call any vet and ask them!
Hi No problem with ham bacon chicken ect as treats. My cats get ham and chicken many times through the week. Human food though is not totally balanced as cats needs stuff like taurine.
For cat foods, please feed non gravy canned foods as dry foods can cause a myriad of problems down the line.
Not if he is a kosher cat.
in small moderation you can probably get away with it, but I wouldn't recomend it.
It should be just fine. I have a cat who will only eat ham and cat food that is his favorite( he won't even eat treats!!). He is still living and playing and acting fine and he is 2 years old. If he/she likes it then give them a little piece now and then.
he's too young to eat that for now
In the wild a cat would not eat anything bigger than itself. Cats eat chicken and fish. and certain vegetables.

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